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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Giveaways Galore...oh and an Award.

Oh my goodness the tatting world is awash with gorgeous giveaways.
Check out Lady Shuttlemaker's Weekly Mondo Monday Giveway, now into Week 4

then there is Wicked Tats Hallowversary Giveaway

....and just today we have Ambitaterous's Knot-Tea fun .giveaway. IsDihara from Ambitaterous is the World Famous instigator of Tatting Tea Tuesday. Now where would we all be without that to brighten what today has been an awful wise that is!! Our Indian Summer has broken and we now have torrential rain.
So off to tat making a......!!!!

OOOPS!! I nearly forgot to say that I have been awarded the Bella Sinclair Award by Carol of Carol's Little Treasures.

The Bella Sinclair award is for Art Inspiration, Friendship Sisterhood, Sharing, and Caring.

Thank you so much Carol, I am honoured that you think so much of my Blog.
I would like to pass this on to LadyShuttlemaker and IsDihara but Carol has beaten me to the last two but I would like them to have the award from me too.


  1. Wow, thanks for including my fractured quote giveaway on your blog. It is such a delight to find others who enjoy twisting lyrics and lines as much as I do! You are entered two (3)times: two fractured quotes plus one extra for mentioning it on your blog. Good luck and thanks for playing!

    P.S. Blushing crimson at being called a World Class instigator. (Such high praise! I only hope to deserve it.)

    So glad Tatting Tea Tuesday helped to break the dreary spell the rain held over your day!

  2. Congrats are a winner in the Fractured Quotes: "Knot-TEA" Parody & Giveaway!


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