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Friday, November 28, 2008

Number 7, Oasis.

The seventh Snowflake from Jon Yusoff's book is Oasis.
First tatted in Rainbow Bright 20, it took approx 2 metres on Sh 1 and 5.5 metres on Sh 2...remember you may need more.

and then with the central section done in RB Green. This made a lovely contrast and would look nice in any RB Solid colour.

The snowflakes measure 7cm/2.5 inches and took....Inner part(Green) Sh 1.25 metres and 0.65 metres on the ball, Outer part Sh 1 approx 1.25 metres and Sh 2 approx 5.25 metres...not too sure of the figures for the outer part but this does give you some idea of how much.

This is another very pretty design.


  1. Very pretty! I love Jon's snowflake patterns, too!

  2. Very pretty indeed! I like both of them.

  3. Another comment didn't make it through, wonder why!!
    this is from Connie Angeline

    I so wish I had a little leprechaun of my own, I sort of do, my little brother Patrick Sean O'Connor. (how's that for Irish lineage?)And a stepdaughter born March 17th.
    I really do enjoy the stories that you and all the previous recipients have written and look forward to the new tribes adventures. Connie
    p.s. in the states in the 60's there were The June Taylor dancers on the Jackie Gleason Show that did a star maneuver like that. Gave my a little giggle to see the leps do it

  4. Hello Pamela,

    I really like this snowflake. I really appreciate that you are listing the amounts of thread that you are using. I do this on almost all of the items I tat. That way when I go to tat it again, I know exactly how much I need. This is especially helpful when using the HDT, we don't want to waste any of it. Have a great day!!

  5. Thanks Carol, to me it's absolutely essential to know how much thread to use. Sometimes it's hard to work out in advance as often i can't see which shuttle is going to do what without an awful lot of fore thought!!


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