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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last snowflake!!

I am sooh, sooh behind in my blog posting I have been working so hard these last few weeks on revamping my guest bedrooms that I haven't had time to do anything else. I had intended to get back to dyeing thread...but no time so far and the weather has been far too foul to be going outside into the 'Dyeing Studio'.

I had been fascinated by all the photos of Ruth Perry's Celtic Snowflake that I saw before Christmas but it looked far too hard!!

But of course when I finally did try it it wasn't difficult at all, but you really do need to concentrate or there will be a lot of untatting to do. By the time I had made it three times it was a doddle.

First try in white in cheap thread, size 20 took 6.5m on Sh1 and 10.25m on may need more.

The next two were made in Altin Basak vareigateds size 50 equivalent to a 30, took 6m on Sh1 and 9.5 on Sh2.

Very pretty colours but mmm! looks like some orange scarf fibres snuck in there, either that or it was the orange I had been eating...memo to more careful!

My favorite is this one my final attempt.

Thank you Ruth for such a lovely pattern.

This is my last snowflake for a while...I have set myself another challenge to tat every pattern from another book.


  1. What a lovely snowflake! You've done such a great job of it, too! THe colors are all so pretty!

  2. What?!?!!? You are snowflaked out??? LOL!
    Can't wait to see the new book you choose!

  3. The snowflakes are all very pretty. I love the colors. When will you share what the next book is going to be?


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