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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little piece of my space!

I am back!!! I didn't pick up a tatting shuttle for almost two weeks...which is soooh unusual.

I have so many things to blog about that I don't know where to start. Things which get to the top of the list get superseded.....which has just happened.

Krystledawn has asked us to show our tatting space. Well normally my space/s are so cluttered that I wouldn't show them to anybody.


This week I have been seriously trying to declutter...not very successfully I might add!!

When we were coming home on the ferry hubby was reading bits out of the sunday paper. One article said that we should try to get our personal possessions down to 100.....150 if we really must....and that includes a special consideration women could count shoes as one item!!!!

So that means I can count my tatting stash as one item too!!!! Don't these people have a life!! Doubt if I could get it down to 1,000 items.....could you???

I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning and tidying my study.....for a purpose I must add. Weeks ago I bought new curtains and it was going to be all of a job putting them up.

Why is that so hard you ask...well my desk was covered in so much clutter, and all around it too. Because my new curtains are eyelet curtains we had to move my desk a few inches away from the window to let them hang nicely. My cupboard and worktop are commercial quality and weigh a ton so I had to empty them first. We even had to move the curtain rail along a couple of inches. I ma just having a love affair with eyelet curtains. These are a lovely shiny material with flocked squares added. The walls are white even tho they look grey.

The result is me anyway. The room faces north west and the old curtains made it very's like being in a new space. I can even cover up part of the huge window and still have plenty of light.

This is my in where my computer is and all my books except my tatting books.
It used to be the integral garage of the house. When the house was built, if the living space was over a certain size it attracted some sort of tax (I think), and so integral garages were common ready to convert to living space if needed. You can almost see through the net curtain to the driveway coming straight towards the window...which used to be the garage door.

Lets move a bit closer..

Closer still..

This is just one of the spaces that tatting spreads out into. I don't tat here, but I
do keep my Hand Dyed Threads and gear here and catalogue and keep the recipes. I also block my tatting here and have lots of current tatting and patterns at the ready for scanning and all looks way too wont last!

It's really the space that I use to make cards and do scrapbooking. See the big cupboard....that's entirely filled with card making gear. It's so tidy that it's hard to remember what I have got and to find what I want...I am much happier with horizontal filing...that is all over the floor!!

There is no longer enough space for scrapbooking supplies so they have spread to piles on the floor.

To the right of the desk is another desk, lots of shelves all full of previous craft stuff....and then on to my computer and desk...then more craft storage shelves...all too untidy to show yet.

To the left is my piano and more shelves, this time book shelves....

If I tidy the rest of the room I might just show you more. I spent most of my time in you will be able to imagine me at my computer.....must get back to decluttering............


  1. Your room is incredibly neat and so well oragnised.. something tells me I should get round to that too!

  2. Thanks wickedtats, good job you couldn't see it before it was tidied or the rest of the room!!

  3. Your cabinet looks like a lovely place to store tatting! :)

  4. Hi! Chic, it would be but it's FULL!! any way I have a craft room for my tatting store, I grabbed my daughters bedroom when she finally moved all her things out......she was not well pleased!!

  5. Before I even started reading the post, I looked at the first pic and said, "I love those curtains!" They are totally cool. Get it down to 100 items!?!? I could maybe do that if I counted the tatting stash as 1 item, the book collection as 1 item, the harp music collection as 1 item.... What on earth do these people do with their time??? As for my tatting space, I generally tat in the living room. I have to keep this room relatively presentable (much against my true nature) as I also teach harp lessons there and don't want a student getting lost under the rubble. I do find that a good clean-up of the tatting space is helpful every now and then, just to remind yourself of what you've got! Anyway, your room looks nice and I like your taste in interior design a lot.

  6. Whoo Miranda, thanks for the compliment. the curtains are way too smart for the room..but they are making me feel good. your idea for the 100 items is good, clothes = 1 item, books yup 1 item. I thought iutv was so funny that women were allowed shoes as one item!!

    My tidy up mainly consisted of a reshuffle!!! but I did get rid of a bin load of paper. Can't help being a hoarder.

  7. I LOVE the curtains! I have nothing at my windows, and I like it that way until it gets dark. Of course, we live 1/4 mile from anybody else, so I don't have to worry about who can see inside the house. I think I'm going to have to get into my room this week and get it organized. I can't find anything I want right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Great looking space! If I posted mine, you would see my whole little one room abode!

    Great curtains!

  9. Hi Diane, I hate sitting in the night time with black outside. I only have one room where that main upstairs lounge and no one can see in but I still hate the blackness.

    Hi Fox, I bet your one room abode is cosy.

  10. It does look really tidy. I am pretty sure I lived with under 100 items while in Korea...but it wasn't any fun as I missed all of my creative tools.

  11. Lucky you to have a whole room for crafting and tatting! I would LOVE that!
    I appreciate the comment you left on my blog earlier. I think it would be neat to see your Mother's handwoven basket that she made! I left you a silly comment back on that post.
    I also wanted to say thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you! :)

  12. Hi lady Shuttlemaker, I can imagine that you only had 100 items in Korea but Oh boy! you made good use of them. Now you are home you are un.....can't even think of a word that is big enough!

    Hi Chic, loved your silly comment.

    Space girl, I NEED space! No space is big enough for my stash from all my old crafts let alone my tatting stash. Never know when old craft stash will come in useful.

    This throwing away lark is heartbreaking!!

  13. Hi Pamela, Your tatting space is wonderful. Such a lovely place to tat. You have it so organized and have so much storage space. Thanks for sharing.

  14. It looks like a nice sunny space to be when you make your magic happen. I'd love to be invited over some time to create with you there. Thank you for sharing.

    Personal possessions down to 100-150, I can do that. My tatting is 1, quilting is 1, reading is 1....... (come on, it works .... they are each 1 different thing, so the supplies needed should only count as 1 ... right? .... well that's what I'm going to tell myself) Besides I don't have many clothes/shoes anyway, I'd rather spend the $ on crafting have-to-haves LOL

  15. Hi Carol, clutter grows to fill all available storage space...and then some! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Bonnie, personal possessions, you have it just right, I agree!
    This space gets the evening sun after the rest of the house goes dull. You can come over in your mind any time, I have all my tat friends with me in my heart.

  16. PS, Bonnie I love your cruise picture avatar.


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