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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Another Heart, Another Page!

A good while ago I started to tat a different heart.
It's the Fringe Element Heart designed by Jane Eborall. It was the arrangement of beads that attracted me to the pattern.

I tried it first in Floretta 20 in a mid pink variegated colour...since I seem to be in 'pink mode', with silver lined grey beads.

I didn't like this one bit!!......Some patterns are lovely with variegated thread, some not...and this didn't appeal to me at all. Maybe it was just this particular thread...not one of my favourites. Having said all this it actually doesn't look too bad anymore!!

I liked the effect of the beads, so used them again with Flora 20 in mid pink.

I like this a lot better as the thread doesn't detract from the design.

Next up is Flora 20 again in lavender with transparent rainbow grey beads....very pretty.

The next one is my all time favourite. Deep candy pink Flora 20 with silver lined crystal beads.

You can't imagine how much those beads sparkle! I made another one like it and sent it to Tatting Chic to cheer her up and apparently it did...she blogged about it on June 29th...was it really so long ago!!

Another.....totally different colour this time....coats 20 in lime green with silver lined deep blue beads.

This one is quite stunning too.

The heart takes about 3m on sh1 and about 3.5m on sh2 in size 20. It's quite a tricky little pattern, tho' it was no problem to me...once I had concentrated enough!
When I gave it to my tat ladies some of them found it very of the hardest patterns I had ever given them. It has lots of rings off split rings with the bringing up of beads as you keep returning to the split ring. But with a bit of practice it is well worth the effort.

Now for a slight change of tack......once I had cleared my desk unit for my scrapbooking space.....and actually had room to spread my things out....again!!....I was determined to finish my next scrapbook page that I started way back in early summer. It's all about the bonding that takes place in the first few weeks when you have a new baby...and a light went on in my head.....tatted hearts of course as part of the layout.

Three more hearts later and a huge amount of help from daughter and the page had taken shape...I just needed to finish it!!

Ta da!! here it is!

You can't imagine how proud I am of this achievement. I think that scrapbooking is the most difficult craft that I have ever attempted. If I could say that I planned this all by myself I would be even more proud. Yet it looks so simple when you get it right.

I sent an email to daughter to ask if it was ok to show this and her reply made my day,

"that's beautiful - I want to copy it now....."

....and she the scrapbook queen.....She inherited all the genes from me that never made it to the surface in my life. We made so many things together when she was a little girl....which all show now in who she is.

Let's have a closer look at the hearts.. can click on them to see then enlarged. The stitching is done with Coats Ophir my favourite metallic thread.

OK if you can stand to look at more hearts, I will show them to you individually.

Robin's egg blue Flora 20 with gold beads that really sparkle.
The white heart for the baby is really beautiful..i forget how beautiful white me white has become raw HDT!!!

One final collage of my hearts and you can go!!

I haven't tried this pattern in a finer thread as I thought it was in scale with the size 11 beads.

All your comments will be read...again and again please keep leaving them. It's just a couple of clicks away and it means a lot.


  1. The hearts are all beautiful! My favorite is the green with blue beads. Love the scrapbook page... not enough to start scrapbooking, though!

  2. Been busy, have you? I agree that that pattern doesn't look so hot in a variegated thread, but I like your color combinations. Funny, I recently tatted a heart in Flora mid-pink variegated with silver beads, too! I used the Heart's Desire pattern and added beads to the decorative picots around the outside. It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

    I got a bit teary looking at the scrapbook page, and I don't even have kids. Nice job!

  3. Tat's a lorra hearts!!! It won't work in a finer thread - unless you can find much smaller beads!!! I tried it with the 11's and number 80 (or thereabouts) and it just don't work!!!!

  4. Green isn't usually my favorite color; and, all of the hearts look really good ~ but the green one with blue beads just stood out for me.
    How busy you have been! How do you manage that and do the lessons for Design-tat too?
    I'm almost finished with the hatband, which is problematic because I don't know what his hat looks like (he described it as floppy denim): Bucket style, fedora style? Who Knows? I hope that the hatband isn't too wide...
    I'd love to take up scrap booking, my g'daughter is very good at that craft ~ but it can become all consuming and I already have an all consuming art form ~ tatting!
    I love reading your blog(s)and am a regular follower/fan...
    love, BJ and Donnacha

  5. Thanks Diane,I shall always remember him in these few photos that I have encapsulated, twas worth it. the alternative is a huge collection of unprinted digital memories as I just can't print them all.

    Hi Miranda, hearts Desire works well with varig threads, it's my favourite to test a new thread.
    Yup the scrapbook page is a tear jerker isn't it!

    Hi Jane, A lot indeed, I can't ever just stop at one, there is always what would it look like in this thread syndrome. I guess size 15 beads might work but I ain't got none! Like it this size anyway. Lovely pattern. Thanks.

  6. Very nice hearts and so many, good for you trying the scrapbooking, I don't do it, but my sis in law owns/runs an entire store of scrapbooking stuff apparently there are enough people that scrapbook to keep her in business. your page looks very good.

    for finer threads you could try the petit mill hill beads. they are smaller

  7. My first thought was how much your daughter looks like you! So she obviously resembles you in a lot of ways, not surprising that she is crafty as well.
    Neither of my daughters is the slightest bit interested in anything I do, but I have a granddaughter who loves to play, so I have hopes for the future.
    Although pink is my favourite colour, the blue heart with gold beads is my favourite.
    I've seen those Mill Hill petite beads in Spotlight, it would be fun to see if the pattern worked with them.

  8. Beautiful hearts! I love the blue ones on the scrapbook page :)

  9. What a first-rate and incredibly lovely scrapbook page! I have been wanting to add tatting to scrapbook pages for the past two years, so imagine my glee at seeing it. 0oh, I'm practically vibrating with excitement!

    You have amassed quite a lovely collection of Fringe Element hearts. Just can't stop looking at them sparkle.

    Now I'm off to review my plethora of tatting books for motifs I can tat for scrapbook pages. Wheeee!

    But honestly, how do you manage to tat all those heart beauties AND keep up with the design-tat course? Do your shuttles fly faster than a speeding bullet, like Superman?

  10. Lovely work! I know what you mean about the sparkle! I know the beautiful heart you sent me from this pattern sparkles so beautifully and no camera can possibly capture the beauty! :)

  11. Hi Ladytats, lovely to see you here in my comments box. Scrapbooking is getting bigger by the minute even in Ireland. Daughter lives slap bang next door to a shop!
    I looked for Mill Hill petit in Uk at a several shop, one in particular that sells them but didn't see them. I really think it would all be to fine for me anyway and difficult to get onto the thread.

    Hi Maureen, I think she looks like me too, other disagree. She is way cleverer! must have got that from her dad!...only kidding.
    those hearts are all so pretty i had to restrict myself and move on to something else! they each take an evening's tatting.

    Hi Kuc, lovely to hear from you too. So you like the blue as well. that' 2 for the lime green and 2 for the blue, and Chic for the candy pink of course!

    Hi Isdihara, I am glad i enthused you with scrapbook tatting. that's my principle aim....well almost! So many people ask what i do with my tatting...know they know!

    Yup I do tat fast! and every evening for a couple of hours and it mounts up. Design tat so far has taken me 2 evenings lesson but it will get much worse! oops did I just say worse! have to admit that those hearts were finished a month ago, but I have made so much more stuff since! I am like a machine! How can I stop! and that's only the tatting, thread dyeing has me in it's grips!

    Hi Chic, well you have the proof of the pudding, they really are super hearts.

  12. The "A Time to Bond" page is just perfect! I just love that pale blue heart, but they are all so pretty. Of course I am drawn to the beads..... sigh..... can't get enough of the beads.... !! Fox : ))

  13. I like all of your hearts, but I am partical to the green with blue beads, it "pops". Tatting and beads, love it! Super cute scrapbook page too.

  14. I don't know where you find the time for tatting and scrap booking. The hearts are great and the scrap book page is really special and a wonderful keepsake. Very nice to see Dad included in that page.

  15. ((Pamela)) What a lovely family~! Your daughter looks so much like you. I am so impressed with your scrapbook page. It is very elegant. The color of the page, the hearts are such a nice addition and compliment the colors you worked with and the gold stitching on the page is a perfect touch. WOW!!

    All of your tatted hearts are so pretty. I haven't tattd this heart yet, but I will now. Seeing all your color combinations is wonderful.

    Thanks for such a great post!

  16. Hi Fox, another vote for the pale blue. This really is a great design for showing off beads in a big 'wodge'!

    Hi Bonnie, Another vote for the green, it really does pop, have just posted it off to my daughter in law to be, hope she will like it. It's an unusual colourway for me to do. That 3 for the pale blue and 3 for the green.

    Hi Clyde, Nice to see you in Tatskool land. Time...never enough of it for all the things buzzing in my mind. About a hundred potential scrapbook pages that will never be done, that's being realistic.

    That photo of dad is something I will always remember as I came downstairs in the morning. He did, and does such a lot for that special little baby.

    Scrapbooking captures the essence of a thousand photos that I can't possibly print.

  17. Hi Carol, thanks or your compliments. That's what makes scrapbooking so hard and look so easy. Searching through my stash of papers to see what will go with the photos, what ink to use for the letters, what glitter glue to put on them and so on and on. Then the final result just blows me away.

    The next one I am doing is so hard again...I have invented a wonderful idea for myself...I scanned in all the papers I have chosen and the photos and am playing with them in Photoshop...cropping into circles, squares, moving them around...and all without cutting into my real papers. Hope it will work, it seems to be making it much easier on my creativity.

  18. My goodness,so many beautiful things/people to see in this post.
    I've never noticed this heart pattern before, and you really made me want to tat this. The luscious colors and beautiful even tension of your tatting are the tempting part. How blessed you are with children and grandchildren and how blessed they are to have you.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  19. Stopping bye to say thank you for entering my giveaway. Good luck to you in the drawing. But hey! I thought we had an arrangement going, LOL.

  20. Jut wanted to wish you luck, don't worry I NEVER win giveaways!! It's a lovely book.


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