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Sunday, January 10, 2010

And then there was SNOW!

We have been in winters icy grip for well over three weeks, my little pond has been frozen all that time. Can't ever remember having ice for more that a couple of days. Don't know how many bonsai will suffer, took a trip down the garden to look at non frost resist small pot cracked. One or two delicate ones prob won't be liking it.

All over the country roads are treacherous, we keep running low on salt and grit...we just don't expect extreme weather conditions and certainly not for so long. Schools will be closed next week.

But here in Tatskool land we have only had temperatures down to -2.9 degC....and NO SNOW.

My son sent me a picture of his snowman where he lives in England.

I have to go back to 1987 for our last snowman. Now THIS is a snowman

I did so want some snow....and finally today at 11am it began to snow. Flakes the size of pin heads, if it was rain we would call it 'soft'!
Bit by tiny bit it began to stick, first to the concrete and finally as it is getting dark we have a thin blanket of snow...yipeeee! Big flakes are falling now as it is getting dark. Tomorrow it will look beautiful.

In our garden we have two large Cotoneaster trees covered in red berries, which look stunning.
Yesterday we noticed that one of them was still loaded with berries and loaded with birds as well.

A couple were bullfinches, the rest we thought were thrushes...we get the Mistle thrush normally. But a close look revealed that they were Redwings, the smallest of the true thrushes.

They normally roam the fields and don't  come into gardens unless it is very cold and snowy. Every time I went to photograph them of course they flew away only to return minutes later. There must have been dozens of them.

Big fat healthy birds!

Spurred on my thoughts of snow I have continued tatting you some next time.


  1. The weather situation is so strange... It must be so cold in so many dwellings in Britain, as your heating systems are unprepared for this cold. Brrrrr!
    Fox - always expecting cold in Canada! : )

  2. We don't expect excessive cold, or heat, or rain, or drought, or wind or anything out of the 'ordinary'!

  3. We have had record breaking cool temps here in Central Florida (Ocala) for over a week now. We even had a dusting of snow on our roofs yesterday morning. First for us since we have been down here since mid 1988. We are about 1 hour from Disney which is located in Orlando. Thought I left this all behind when I moved from the UP in Michigan. It is supposeed to be back in the mid 70's by the end of this week. Crazy weather!!! From longjohns to shorts in a matter of days.

  4. Is that your son as well, in the 1987 photo?
    I wonder where in the world at the moment is comfortable - freezing for all of you, and extreme heat for us.
    I love the pictures of the birds,seeing different species in the garden is what really makes you aware that you are in another country. I remember how excited I was when my father-in-law first showed me a real robin redbreast when we visited him in England!
    In our new garden here in Brisbane, there aren't a lot of birds yet, because the trees haven't grown - but the one that is always around is the willy wagtail - and the ubiquitous currawongs and mynahs!

  5. That cold weather looks inviting we are in our summer and I hate it. We have a lot of birds in our garden here in Queensland. I just love the Robin Redbreasd!!!!! Margaretha

  6. OH! Those birds are fat and healthy looking! I had a bird come to my window and chirp at me for not having any food in the feeder! I did promptly change that though!

    Snowmen! How fun! Those pics are cute!

  7. OMG Tatting-Marie, snow near that is weird.

    Yup Maureen that's the two of them, the three of us built the snowman. Funnily enough I was not so keen today to try to scrape enough snow to build one...and it's melting fast. I well remember the currawongs and mynahs.

    Mararetha I would gladly swop you some cold weather. Shall I put some in a can!!

    Hi Chic, these birds are sooooh fat, they have nearly stripped my tree. Glad you liked the pics, that was my 'Winter memories' Christmas card for 1998.


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