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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Exciting Times Part 2!

Sorry that it's taken so long to get back to Part 2......Life! mmm next day turned into 6 weeks or more!

When we woke up and looked out of our window there was frantic activity going on. 
The road along the beach front was closed to traffic and stalls were being set up.
While along the walkway nearer to the hotels, canopies were being errected over trestle tables....for the lacemakers..whooeee!

By the time that we got out there....the lacemakers were setting up their displays in earnest.
Mostly they were bobbin lacers from all the guilds in the region.

You can't even begin to imagine how many there were...each guild displaying their banner.....

or the quality of the work they were producing....
                                                            ..... It was such a sight to see...
Look at the long pillows like we saw on the sculpture...and the fabulous way of keeping the bobbins together in bags. Even tho bobbin lace may have hundreds of bobbins, only two pairs are in use at any one time.
We were given several table to work at and we worked on Carrickmacross, Limerick, Youghal laces as well as Irish Crochet, Mountmellick Embroidery and probably much more.....
I of course worked on my tatting watched by Tadgh....working on Yarnplayers Arches doiley.

He was delighted to be there ...until he had a bit of a shock.....he was so embarrassed...but he refuses to talk about it!!
There was a great deal of interest in our lacemaking and my tatting drew admirers, and helped a few lacemakers who were struggling with tatting.
I gave out little flower bookmarks and received a pretty butterfly in return.....
...from this lovely lady....
..... her husbands tie was made of bobbin lace.....made by him.
Every lacemaker was given a plastic beaker of 'hot chocolate' and some local 'sponge fingers' to dip into it...if you wished.
The chocolate turned out to be pure melted Belgian chocolate and was like molten lead....even after dipping all my sponge fingers into it and walking around looking at stalls...I still burned my lip drinking it!!!  yummy tho!
As well as lacemakers there were vendors of lace making supplies....

I did come home with a  stack of bobbins, some hand carved some mass produced...for my bobbin lace career....still in it's infancy...but i do know how to do it...if I can remember that is!

The place was buzzing ...all morning..
...until sadly in the early afternoon...they all packed up and went home...I wished that they would have stayed all day.
Everyone was so happy...except poor little Tadgh who didn't come out of the hotel until it was time to leave!

Please do not use any of these images for any purpose...they are copyright.

I may even get to show you Part 3, our day in Barcelona


  1. wow! that's amazing to see. Love seeing bobbin lacers work.

  2. That looks like so much fun! Bobbin lacers amaze me, the way they can keep track of so many bobbins. And to think that they might have trouble with tatting!

  3. I am really enjoying these posts! I love architecture (especially Gaudi) so seeing those photos was wonderful. But the lace photos...oh my...that would have been heaven on earth to actually be there and see everything in person!

  4. First, I'm amazed how many photos you always manage to post! (I can barely handle posting four!)

    Next, my jaw dropped while looking at all those booths and all that magnificent lace! And it was only a one-day event???

    I never imagined there would be a lace event in such an INCREDIBLE setting!! Thank you SO MUCH for both of these posts!

    I have to admit I'm a wee bit envious of that whole adventure!!!

  5. Looks like a lovely day! I love those long pillows and the wraps around the bundles of bobbins. I really think I need to move someplace more inspirational.

  6. What an absolutely amazing event! Unbelievable to have it all in one place with so many attendees!

    And that TIE! I have no words!
    Fox : )

  7. What a great thing to get to view! My granddaughter loved Barcelona and all of Spain. Said she'd like to live there. She took wonderful fine art photos of Gaudi buildings ~ they are so fanciful.
    She did bring some photos of lace too, for me; and, bought some ~ for herself. LOL Thank you for sharing; since I can't travel, I love that my friends can and do share.
    xxxx bj

  8. What a wonderful day! That really large bobbin lace on one of the pillows is just amazing, and everything looks beautiful. Glad to see you posting; I was getting a little worried with the long silence

  9. Oh, I am so pleased to see part two! :)
    It looked like a wonderful experience, and I wish I had been there. Barcelona isn't so far from here, maybe six hours drive, so do let me know if you go next year.

  10. OOh, I'm just green with envy after seeing the photos (so far) from your lace trip this past September. Incredible! Jaw-dropping lace & scenery!

    But I'm also so very grateful to be able to see all the wonderful photos and read your delightful descriptions of the event. Thank you, thank you for sharing it all with us.

  11. Sorry to be missing so long, nice that you were worried about me, thanks.

    Vickie.the bobbin lacers were amazing, i took so many photos and video clips on my camera to be able to remember them in action.

    Miranda...well tatters are wonderful aren't they do do such a difficult craft!

    Hi Jane, the next part has Gaudi, I knew so little about him. yup we were lucky to be there and imagine our leader coming across it purely by chance on holiday last year.

    Kathy it wasn't even a whole day, it didn't start till 10am and was all over by 2pm, 300 lacers made all that effort for such a short time. The setting was extraordinary and to be able to watch it from our hotel balcony too was amazing.

    Hi Snowy, I doubt that we will go there again certainly not next year, but it would be worth you going to see it, same weekend next year.

    Ridgewoman..nice to be able to share my experiences with you all.

  12. Hi Martha, the long bobbin lace pillows were an eyeopener..well it all was, never seen so much lace in one place. Now you see why it has taken me so long to get back down to earth and you haven't seen the half of it yet!

  13. Diane, now we know what we need to achieve!

    Fox, 'twas all unreal including the tie, there were a lot of male bobbin lacers there.

    IsDihara, well i was green with envy about Palmetto!
    Isn't it amazing that events like this are taking place and we never know about them, pure chance with this one.


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