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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essence of Gina.

There has been a lot of suggestions that it would be good to dye a thread in honour of Gina.
I wish I could mix a brew that would remind me of Gina every time I looked at it
So what was essence of Gina to me?

Life wasn't always easy for her and often she got a raw deal.
But she seemed to pick herself up and just get on with it.
Her blog was always so interesting to read, she ha a natural gift for communication.
Her metaphysical blog showed the much more thoughtful, unsure side of her.

But to me she was a ray of sunshine when she landed in my inbox. there was always something to make me smile. she ended all her emails with a smile
:-) Gina
Sometimes it would be a funny story or picture or a beautiful Powerpoint presentation of photos and music and sometimes it was just to chat.

Can I distill my essence of Gina?

Well I think I already have!

 Way back in 2010 I sent Gina a sample of my new thread Flame Lantana.
The second thread in my Rainbow Transitions series.
she broke her blogging sabbatical to write a post.
This is what she said-:

I got a Lantana sample from Tatskool and I think it's misnamed
I think it looks like a tequila sunrise!

watch the video clip of 'Tequila makes her clothes fall off!'
it will make you smile too. careful when you tat with this thread. she said!

She obviously knew far too much about Tequila Sunrise and what it can do!!
I must admit  that I have never seen a Tequila Sunrise before, she is spot on with the colour.
This is what she got

.......this is what she tatted.......
.........and this is what she said....
"I was VERY surprised at the way it tatted up.  On the card, the colors look so bright and you miss that gradual change in shades. As I moved on to the 2nd half of the first earring and saw how the colors played out, it really did remind me of that drink, tequila sunrise, how it's all different layers and then you stir it and it's so pretty as the colors blend.  I wondered also if the 2nd earring would follow the same course so that they matched or if it would be off a bit but they match".
Don't you just love it when a length of thread tats up relatively symmetrically without having to engineer it!
Tequila Sunrise is such a beautiful name...I wish I had thought of it.
I fact I had planned to change the name when I dyed another batch.
You can read about why I called it Flame Lantana here and see what I tatted with it.
So today I got up off my backside and went into the dye studio for the first time in so many months and mixed up some dyes for......
My essence of Gina.

Gina I see you tatting with the angels brewing up one heck of a sunrise for us all.
I will never forget you.


  1. Do you sell your HDT? If so, where? I would love to buy some sometime.

  2. Now you've said it without saying it. Gina didn't always like Lizbeth because she always thought the colour changes were too 'abrupt'. She was the unluckiest lass with slubs in her balls too. Me? I love Lizbeth - specially the later blends. Mind, having said that - I really, really love this colourway of yours. If I knew what Tequila was I'd drink one to Gina. Lovely tribute to a lovely lady.

  3. The tribute is wonderful and the colorway is beautiful.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hi Mc Sace, please contact me through the email addy on my profile. Thanks for your encouragement.

  6. Your thread colour is beautiful and reminds me of Gina's smile. I'm still missing her.

  7. Oh, my, Tatskool, you certainly touched upon the essence of Gina in this wonderful tribute. And the thread is fabulous. I know this already as I have sampled Flame Lantana and was smitten with its powerful tones. Gina's Tequila Sunrise is perfect.
    Fox : )

  8. You've done it again. You've expressed what others have been struggling to ...

  9. What a wonderful tribute to Gina and Yes, the colours do remind me of Gina's smile.
    One lovely lady both inside and out......I am missing her so much and am hoping that her blog will remain with us.
    Now I am in line to by a skien of this gorgeous thread.
    Joy in OZ

  10. Well, you know I am a BIG FAN of this colorway and even more so because it will remind me of Gina going forward. A standing ovation to you!

  11. I remember Gina's post about Flame Lantana. I've never had a Tequila Sunrise, but maybe it's about time! ; )

    I think your tribute to Gina is perfect! She was definitely a sunshine person, and I'm glad to have known her. I think I might need some of that luscious thread!

  12. When I first read the suggestion that there should be a thread to honour Gina,my first thought was that I didn't know what her favourite colour was! - so this is a very special dyelot, isn't it? - meaningful to you, a tangible reminder of the threads that bind us.
    If it is for sale - (Had a look, I couldn't see any) - I'd love a skein too!

  13. Very pretty TatsKool, you have a good eye for color. it is indeed a reminder of Gina's sunny disposition. and it is a good rendition of a sunrise, tequila or otherwise.

  14. Perfect! Such an eloquent post.

  15. I remember being very envious that she had that thread. That's a lovely dedication. I think I need to find a place that can make a good tequila sunrise. There's a trick to it.

  16. Awesome design and color combination.

  17. Sorry Crazy Mom I deleted your comment by mistake....oops! But we have been in touch so I know you will understand.

  18. I love this post, and the HDT. I remember reading it when you first posted about the thread and then Gina put in her blog that earring that she made.

    This is a fitting tribute to a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing.

  19. What a nice tribute to Gina. I missed you blogging too, Tatskool.

  20. I think we all miss Gina. A thread in her honor is a great idea. A very nice tribute to a great person and a talented tatter. Thank you for thinking of this.

    I've missed you, Tatskool!

  21. This is a great tribute to my sister.... I feel warm just looking at the beautiful colors. She would be so very very touched by this honor. Thank you.


  22. This is so unbelievably beautiful and touching. You have done a wonderful job in your tribute to Gina. I know she is smiling down on you. I loved her too, but wish I had known her much better. What a loss to us all.

  23. Hi. Tequila Sunrise caught my attention. I had my first Tequila Sunrise at my friend’s home in Texas (near Dallas). When I left for the airport to return to California, it was written down on a deposit slip. I’ve mislaid the slip, but since I like good tequila (in small portions) I remember it as a pleasant, cool drink.
    I will miss Gina too; I always tried to find that ‘missing’ earring she was looking for; but, alas never found it. I miss her blog greatly as she was so informed about the intricacies of tatting. bev aka ridgewoman


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