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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Number 4. Penguins

Martha Ess has the cutest, irresitible Penguins in her book 'New Critters on the Block' and I couldn't resist tatting up a colony of them.

The little guys are made in size 20 Flora thread and the big ones in Size 10. Can't tell you the height of them right now as they have gone off to an exhibition. Little ones prob about an inch high.

Visited our local wildlife park Fota last week and made a beeline for the penguins (amongst other things) and this little guy sitting on a rock really took my fancy.
He really is a little fella probably not much more than 20 inches high. I think maybe he is a Humboldt Penguin from South America.

Had anybody designed a side view of a penguin.

Well the answer is yes, Pam Palmer has one in a publication from 'The Lace Guild','The Penguin Pattern Book', the book contains penguins and related items made in a variety of crafts but this tatted penguin is the star of the book to me, he is a winner. Made in 4 sections he is fairly easy to tat.

Here is a little group of them made in size 20 Flora

And a singleton in size 10, sorry again that I can't give the measurements at the moment. He is probably about 4 inches tall.

Have one other pattern to try, does anyone know of any more penguin patterns??

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  1. What a terrific idea for the 25 motif challenge--25 animals! And you are off to a great start. I love to tat animals to use as bookmarks. All of the kids I know especially like them. Thanks for sharing your projects through your blog--inspiring!


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