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Monday, April 16, 2007

Number 6. A Gaggle of Geese

First up once again was one of Martha Ess's block tatted critters. Her goose is just fabulous and I soon had a gaggle running around as fast as their little legs could carry them.
After much deliberation I coloured the beaks with a felt pen and liked the effect a lot.
The goose and they look different I wonder are made in Flora 10 and measure 2.75 inches and have metallic green eyes about size 9. The goslings who probably shoud have been fluffy lemon with black beaks are in Flora 20 and measure 1.75 inches and have blue iris eyes size 10. I did try them in Coates Anchor sizes 30 and 40 but they have yet to get their legs.

One interesting thing in this photo is can you see the difference between the bodies of the leading gander and all the others. For that goose I tried Jane's (and others) method of block tatting. Very easy to do using one shuttle and ball in this case gives a more rounded effect to the body. This is a particularly nice effect in these animals. Click on the photo for an enlarged version.

Next in line was Jane Eborall's goose, yet another brilliant pattern. Made in four sections wing,rest of body and neck, legs and beak, it is easy to tat providing you can do split rings, SCMR and make rings off SR's. I tried to make them a little different from each other by making the gander with a larger green metallic eye and a thicker beak. I liked the way she made the wing section in ecru to give it definition. The shape of the head and the beak are my favorite bits.
They are both made in Flora 20 and measure about 5 inches.

I had a fancy to make an angry goose with its mouth open and it's neck stretched out but that is for another day, the neck and head suggest lots of different postures to me.

BUT I did try out another goose, wanted to make a Greylag goose and experimented with different colours. Gave him a shorter thicker beak. He doesn't look much like I intended but I rather like him and I love the way his neck curved, so here he is a new species of goose, wonder what I should name him.

He was made on Flora 20 too in light and dark grey.

Trying another one adding a DMC 80 in variegated shades of grey to both the light and dark threads, not sure I like the effect so far in this the wing section.
Lots of potential here.

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  1. I love them! I'm really enjoying the development of your tatted zoo and find your comments on techniques and patterns very helpful. Thanks so much for continuing to share your project.


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