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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Number 12. Dogs

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails........ goes the rhyme. Well I'll have to wait for Sid the Scintillating Slug a bit longer! one snail done, more to do so here goes with the puppy dogs and their tails.
First cute little block tatted dog is another of Martha Ess's Little Critters one of my favorite tatting books of course, and he is a real cutie. The decorative join is easy to do and makes the little dog look as if it is sitting on it's haunches.

He was quickly joined by a younger puppy!

The bigger one is made in Coats Aida 10 in a lovely golden colour with a real shine to it. Eye beads are size 9. He is almost 5cm tall. The little fella is made in a vintage Coats Chain 20 and is 4cm tall, beads are size 11.

I really like the chunkiness of size 10 for these little critters. they are very 'moreish' as each one ends up with a different expression especially as I still haven't fully got the hang of finishing off the head so it comes out different every time! They always come out with their heads held at a rather 'rakish' angle.

The only other tatting pattern for a dog that I found was in Inga Madsens book of 'Tatted Animals' another favorite.

This one is a lovely puppy too with a fab' expression. Easy to tat in one pass,but you need to be able to make an SCMR tho'.
The patterns are in diagramatic form only with helpful instructions at the front of the book. I print out the diagrams and colour in each ring as I make it to help me remember exactly where I am.

He was made in Coats Red Heart 20 (more like a 15!) is 11 cm tall and has a 4mm bead for his eye.

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  1. Just too cute. LOVE them all. Two of my favourite desingers too. Beautifully tatted.


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