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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Diane's TIAS

I have been doing Diane's TIAS and have to admit that I had no idea what it was going to be...even at the end of Day 8. Until I saw that someone had guessed that it was a Tulip and then it was obvious!! I couldn't see past the end of my nose had been concentrating on this thing for sooh long!

Asked hubby if he knew what it was and he said instantly...a tulip of course!!

My tulip was very drab in a dark burgundy so I tatted it again in something more vibrant...a new ball of Floretta that I have just got...the colours are really rich.
The colours worked out so well that only one little shoelace trick was needed near the end to make it nearly symetrical.
Just altered the stem a little teeny bit! hope Diane doesn't mind.

It was just crying out to be a bunch of tulips so with computer jiggery pokery here is my bunch.

Thanks Diane that was fun, so who is up next!!


  1. Yes, Pamela, that's a nice stem you have there. I just LOVE that flower thread color. And yes, I'm excited to see who's next, as well.
    Diane Saunders, a/k/a Love Tatting

  2. I love your tulips Pam. Could you please send me an email sometime.

  3. The bunch of tulips is wonderful!
    If only we could tat as fast as the cumputer can copy....

  4. The tulips are lovely. And, I went back trying to catch up on your blog and all of the geckos are so cute. I've got to get back to them when I get through this snowflake phase. I have some of Yarnplayer's lovely Fern thread and I need to use it!

  5. Thanks everyone, yes if only we could tat as fast..there just isn't enough time or strength! for my 'to do' list. Enough thread tho for several lifetimes!

    More geckos coming to a blog near you soooon! can't stop. These threads are just so much fun, and when you start dyeing your own.. you can have every combination you ever dreamed of....and more! and still you want to buy more!

    Laura, get back to your snowflakes, we need you!

  6. Where is the pattern for the pretty tulip? Wouldn't a pretty parrot tulip be nice?
    I want to make one of these tulips.

  7. The pattern is here, it's the Tat it and see project.
    a parrot tulip would be lovely.


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