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Monday, March 03, 2008

Numbers 27 and 28 Chick and Bunny

Spring has sprung the grass is ris,
I wonder where the birdies is!

Time to be doing some spring tatting.

I got a sneak preview of a birdie pattern from the remarkable talents of Martha Ess.
It's a baby bird, sitting in it's nest waiting for mum to come back with some food.
Very cute.
I tatted it in Flora 10 and it it's wingspan is 4mm, 4.5cm high.

I have been doing some test tatting for Martha Ess's new soon to be published book. It's going to be another delight.
Her Easter Bunny brings thoughts of spring, his basket is ready to be loaded with easter eggs.
A lovely pattern to tat. Block tatting at it's best.

Tatted in Flora 20 my bunny is 5cm tall.


  1. Hi Pam,
    I have been doing some test tatting for Martha a matter of fact I should be seeing Martha with my very own two eyes in EArly April. She is coming to Hector, New York and I believe she might even spend a bit of time at my house since she will be staying in Canandaigua, New YOrk which is where I live. Should be fun...but she does have such cute designs. Now the ones I did are not the same as you proofed. Yours is in time for Easter...mine was for an already past holiday....Valentine's Day.

  2. Pam, the little bunny with his basket it sooo cute. I'm looking forward to Martha's new book coming out.

  3. These are really clever designs! I especially like the bunny.

  4. Pam - I love the both the chickie and bunny. Aren't Martha's design's great. Can't wait for the new book! Thank you for sharing - all of your wonderful tatting experiences, finished pieces and sharing techniques.
    A Big Fan,

    in New Mexico, USA

  5. I am dying to get that book too...and I am dyeing (HDT that is!).


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