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Sunday, September 20, 2009 last.......ChocoLime!

It's here!
It's here!
At last!

Yes ChocoLime has finally made it to this blog!

When I first made ChocoLime way back in May as the third in my Hot Chocolate Series....yes I know you haven't seen number 2 yet either (and it's lovely!)....I was not at all sure that I liked is not a favourite colour of mine.....

I had dyed a trial skein of 11 yards and tatted up Susan Fuller's Hearts Desire...yup like I always do, dyed a little more and made a Spinning Wheel Glassmat(by Mary Konior)..again like I always do now...they make such good reference tats.


When I showed them to my friends I was amazed at the reaction...ChocoLime was their favourite! much for my colour tastes!

I was supervising exams that month and like to tat in my lunch hour. Nowadays I always take samples of my latest tatting to show anybody who is interested...and there is usually somebody.

Well! this particular lunch time I was showing two friends(one male one female) who I have known for centuries...literally...must be 35 years or more. I had my three Hot Chocolate colourways...ChocRaspberry, Choco......, and ChocoLime.

The fella who is always fascinated by my tatting has been having a really rough time.
He has had one treatment...similar in nausea to chemotherapy and was going into hospital the following week for another........he immediately picked up the ChocoLime Heart and said..."that's my favourite".

I was as surprised as he was by my reaction!! "It's yours!" I said....

I don't do spontaneous things like that!

Well, his eyes filled up with tears and he said that he would take it into hospital with him as a good luck charm.

So my sample heart was gone to a good home.....and it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided to dye ChocoLime again. I think it's kind of Halloweenish...well it's the nearest to a Halloween thread that I am going to make this year.

Yes I know you are dying to see it! so I have to put you out of your misery.

But first I have describe this luscious new dessert to you.
At the bottom of the sundae glass we have a generous helping of Lime ice. This lime is of my own making and is I think a stunning colour, it's very, very bright. I have since bought a ready mixed lime dye and it's nowhere near as gorgeous as my mix.
On top of the lime is a mousse of lime and chocolate and it's all topped with chocolate sauce. It's all very harmonious...I think.

Now has that made you mouth water again???

I will be very interested to know how many of you like this colourway, do please leave a comment, they all help.

Now this bit is really funny. If I have a metre left on my shuttle I always tat a SCMR butterfly of Jane Eborall's design. These 4 little butterflies were all made with bits of left over thread...all started in a random point in the colorway..not selected...the start points of my skeins are always random.

I couldn't believe how they could all have turned out so similar with the lower wings all lime!!!

Less than a metre left and I tat little is a ChocoLime bouquet.

ChocoLime goes perfectly with Chocolate Sauce that I dyed before and with a new lime thread that I am calling Key Lime.

This is what the new skeins look like.

I am not sure if the colours are looking true or not.

You must be getting bored by now, but before you go, I did dye one more trial in this colourway. It's the equivalent of the Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse in ChocRaspberry...that's ChocoLime but with out the extremes of Chocolate and Lime.
The skein looked pretty dull and boring but when I tatted it up into Hearts's actually pretty cool!
It's got a sort of dull glow to it...does that sound odd. I should call it Lime and Chocolate mousse but it looks nothing like that so I just have to call it Antique Bronze..that's a perfect description.

I haven't dyed any more of this but it fulfills one of my early reasons for dyeing my own thread and that was to dye animal colours. I can see lots of animals tatted in this.

So what do you think of all this.

More next time of what I have also been tatting with ChocoLime.


  1. The Antique Bronze is my favorite. It's so subtle!

  2. Beautiful colors as always.. I am going to have to save up to get some!!

  3. My mouth is watering! Chocolate and lime together... yummy!

  4. Lovely colorway! I actually like brown and green combination - tree trunk and leaves! - so I'm probably predisposed to like this one. I especially like the "mousse" variation - it looks just like a baby garter snake I recently played with. I'm sure you can make all sorts of lizards, reptiles and amphibians with it! Come to think of it, it also looks like the toad I saw recently.

  5. Normally cool water (blue/green) colors are my favorites, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the choco-lime and bright lime. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

  6. WOW! I can see why the fella said it's his favorite because it's my favorite, too, now.s And that Antique Bronze is beautiful. It really does remind one of antique bronze. Excellent, excellent colorway.

  7. I would pounce all over that Antique bronze....I think it's BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Ooooo.....I LOVE this! believe it or not, the colours are almost exactly the same as we have in this wonderful new house - well, perhaps the lime is a bit "greener", but the chocolate is very modern, and will match perfectly with the new kitchen I cannot use.
    My daughter would approve - she who has vetted almost every purchase I have made, on the grounds that it all has to be "modern"!

  9. Wow, just wow! At first I wasn't sure if I would like this color combo, but after seeing your skeins and samples I am salivating for some!

    ChocoLime looks great, and you are right, Antique Bronze is the perfect name for your "mousse-y" (NOT mousey!) mid-hue colorway.

  10. Um lovely - when I saw it at your place really thought the colours(which are two of my favourite)looked great together and I can almost taste the chocolate and lime - um lovely!!!

  11. I agree Antique Bronze would tat up great animals. Can't wait to see that.

    I like ChocoLime! Keep me in mind when your ready to sell some :-)

    The little butterflies are cute, funny how they all have lime lower wings.

    You've got me wondering what #2 in the series is, because #1 & #3 are great!

  12. THANK YOU everyone, no time to reply individually.
    You made my day! it's my Birthday today and we are in County Sligo, staying here
    Stunning place, the rain has stopped! so we can explore, after a huge full Irish breakfast. This is the life and so, so cheap as the hotel is virtually empty this time of year.
    So glad you all like the thread.
    Guess what I am tatting with it??

  13. Happy Birthday to you etc.......
    Its stopped raining in Ireland, good gracious!


    I guess a gecko, am I right?

  15. I Love them both - the Antique Bronze coming in at #1!! I prefer these to the ones with pink. Lovely, lovely! Fox : )

  16. ChocoLime looks yummy! My mouth is watering too! LoL :O)
    Beautiful color combination.

  17. I think the ChocoLime is beautiful (but I do love all shades of green). I have been busy dyeing myself and since I don't see myself tatting very soon, I have asked TattingChic to help me test tat for me.

  18. Both colourways are a success if you ask me but then again I am in love with most HDT.

  19. I like the Antique Bronze, too. But that choco=lime, too hard to choose ~ so I'd have to have both.
    I know I love my chocolate sauce and raspberry and am using it right now for a motif I designed.
    I'm not usually fond of greens, but lime greens are a different thing altogether. As I said earlier, takes me back to the most favorite silk suit I ever had (actually a sheath dress with a lovely jacket. The jacket was lined with the green and was shown in the turn back cuff, the dress was a shimmery medium blue. The color combo was stunning. Thank you again for the lovely heart you sent me!

  20. Happy belated birthday!

    I am in love with ChocoLime. Please, please let me know when I can get buy them.

    Thank you.

  21. I just got back home to all these wonderful comments.
    Hi Miranda,gosh I didn't expect it to be anybody's favorite. I love subtle as you must know by now...and it is different from the norm!

    Hi Battatter, thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Diane, I know how to make your mouth water...I think.

    Hi Mica, Yup the 'mousse' version is going to be fab for tatting animals...if ever I have time!!

    Hi HJ, love have the same colour taste as me, blues but this one knocks even me out.

    Hi Steph, Another Antique Bronze lover.Thanks. I thought it must look like antique bronze rather than antique gold and looked it up and it was so like the pieces I saw.

    Hi Krystle, wow someone else loves it too. Thanks.

    Hi Maureen, you comments always strike a note with me, I too have a kitchen I can't use!! But the house elf can so why should I worry!!!

    Hi Isdihara, you are so like me in thinking that you wouldn't like it, It took time to grow on me even when I had it! while you were in the dark! Glad you like it now.

    Hi Sally, praise indeed from someone who has seen it in the flesh, thanks.
    Sally, I was being an optimist...and we got plenty of mist! but mostly dry till we hit Galway on Thurs and it rained ever since. Arrived back in Cork to glorious sunshine!

    Hi Bonnie, a gecko that's too funny! It's obviously the thing to tat but would you believe it I never thought of it, already have 2 UFO geckos!

    Thanks HJ.

    Hi Fox, another Antique Bronze lover, hope it lives up to your is DULL!! me! and it does make a great change from PINK!

    Hi lynb54, glad you stopped by, another mouth waterer!

    Hi Zarina, glad you are back dyeing again, have you finished your assignments?

    Hi Clyde, thanks so much for taking the trouble to leave a comment, HDT lovers unite!

    Hi Ridgetatter, I can picture you in your beautiful suit, I bet you looked stunning. So glad you liked the heart. Both colours will be winging your way soon.

    Hi Umintsuru, thanks, it should be up in a day or so, or you can contact me directly.

  22. They do look good together. You've got the touch!

  23. Thanks Gina, a compliment indeed.

    Hey all you guys, just posted all my ChocoLime stock, not much I am afraid.
    Will do more if nec.

  24. Hi Bonnie, sorry that your first comment got lost in the system for a while.
    No 2 in the series is lovely too...soon..and some others. Not enough time!


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