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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Next generation tatting!!

My daughter can tat....but it really doesn't light her fire! well not often anyway.

She learned a long time ago and hasn't forgotten how to do day maybe she will pass it on.
Her favourite design was my favourite very simple pretty generic beaded snowflake. I think that the original inspiration was from the center of a snowflake by Wally Sosa. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I have made so many of these in so many bead combinations. Way back in 2004 she tatted this snowflake for all of her Christmas cards and made a beautiful job of them.

Having perfected this pattern she didn't want to learn anything else! She really didn't have time anyway.

Occasionally she comes back to do a bit the split ring snakes which she loved. Well who wouldn't!!

So where is all his leading??

This summer she asked if I had a pattern that she would be able to do!
The brief was that her Canadian friend is getting married in October. The theme is halloween and the bridesmaids will be wearing burgundy and orange. She wont be able to go but would like to make something for the wedding.....something for the bridesmaids to wear.
I remembered the heart necklaces that Melissa made.........she even made one in Rainbow Bright...

Perfect I thought. The pattern is Peacock Heart by Birgit Phelps and just been working on it and had made several.

The long spiral tails with a matching clover end made them into pretty bookmarks.
A close look....

All except No 7 were made with Altin Basak or Oren Bayen 50, very pretty but rather soft, 3 cord threads. I didn't like the beaded version all that much.
They take about 3.5 meters in total plus about 2.5 m if you want to make a tail.

In size 20 thread they will take just a little bit more.
No 7 in tatted in my HDT Rainbow Bright.

Back to the story......... she selected a dark redish colour and started to tat....and that's where I made a fatal mistake!!
I suggested she tat them in right side wrong side tatting...little realising how that would throw her without any practice...........turns out she HATES tatting chains and this pattern after the central clover is ALL chains!

Finally I talked her into letting me tat them for her as she really didn't have the time...and she could turn them into necklaces.

So a couple of weeks later I sent her a little package..

So I hope her friend will like the resulting necklaces.


  1. The hearts are beautiful, and I'm sure the bride and bride's maids will love them!

    I understand how your daughter feels... I can do needlepoint, but it bores me to tears. My mom crochets beautifully, but prefers to knit. My sister sews like a dream, but prefers to shop. I guess we all have things we can do, but would rather not. It is a little difficult to understand how anyone could not be addicted to tatting, though! ; )

  2. I love this heart pattern! I love how you made them into bookmarks too! And the split ring snakes, are cool, I like how you did the hed of the pink and red one with all the cute picots!!

    I especially like how you did the snowflake with the bugle beads. It looks nice on the card!!

    How wonderful your daughter tats. Like you said, hopefully she will pass it on to another generation. I taught my daughter when she was about 10. She didn't keep it up, but she still can do the double stitch. I guess it's like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget. Have a great week.

  3. Even when you're all grown up, Mom still saves the day!

  4. Oh the Peacock heart looks so sweet as a bookmark! Love the clover at the end! It definitely has to be one of my fave heart patterns so cute! Although I thought it funny that she didn't like to do chains, I tend to not like them either (hurts my pinky where the thread wraps no matter what I do) but the pattern is so cute that I do it anyway! LOL
    I did a few more recently but haven't blogged them yet.

  5. I didn't know she could tat! The hearts are lovely. What a wonderful mum you are!

  6. Hi there! That is cool that your daughter tats! her work is lovely! That snowflake is pretty. I've yet to tat up the "Peacock Heart"! Maybe I will by this weekend. I need to do it for an exchange. :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  7. Very nice eye candy! Thank you for sharing. I like your daughter's idea of tatting for her Christmas cards, very nice.

  8. Another lovely post full of exquisite examples of lace. Your blog is such a treat to read, please keep posting as often as you are able.

    Any chance of seeing some HDT coming soon?

  9. Hi All, This post was scheduled to be published while I was away in Germany, so I am only just getting round to looking at the comments.
    I went down with the flu the day after I got home.

    Hi Diane, I understand that too. I get fixated on one particular craft.

    She has just got fascinated by knitting wacky toys for her baby, had to relearn her skills. I did just the same at her stage made fab knitted toys then moved on to fabric toys and dolls and dressing dolls. I love to see her crafting.

    Hi Carol,the snakes are a great way to learn split rings and achieve something, I love wobbly eyes.

    Hi Miranda, Isn't that what mum's are for! mine was there for me too.

    Hi Melissa, all your new hearts are fab too. Chains hurt my pinky too...but we have to suffer for our craft in some way!

    Hi Tattycat, can't remember when she learned to tat, a long time ago, so I live in hope that she will pass it on. She was such a lovely kid, always wanted to please.

    Hi Chic, she really loved that snowflake pattern, after that nothing every matched it!

    Hi Bonnie, glad you like. the snowflake on the dark blue background was stunning.

    Hi Isdihara, thank you so much...I will have to continue and try to live up to your expectations!
    The HDT is ready, just dyed the last bit to photograph and soon as I feel well enough, haven't tatted in 3 days!!

  10. I'm so sorry you have the flu. Hope you get well soon. You are too nice to be sick!

  11. Aw thanks Tattycat, feeling better already.

  12. Awesome hearts... any chance of getting a written pattern for them? I'm still learning but this looks fun and easy.

    Also, I needle tat rather then shuttle tat but our patterns are the same... nice thing about needle tatting is its easier to put down and there's no strain on pinkie fingers.... or any other finger for that matter. Just a thought.


    ~Rae @

  13. Hi Rae, Thanks. If you click on the link 'Peacock Heart', it will take you to the pattern...I hope!


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