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Thursday, February 24, 2011

More about the Gingerbread Boy!

I made the Gingerbread boy with my tat lassies...tho only two were brave enough to try him..after I had explained all the pitfalls...and hopefully jumped over them!
Today they came back!!!
Jackie had made hers in my Gingerbread in Lizbeth 40..
and he is DIVINE!

Remember that I said that this was the one that I had hope would be my 'piece de resistance', but that he didn't turn out well.
here is my one and Jackie's one side by side.

Look how much smaller he's amazing.

I was so sickened by my result that I had decided that my Gingerbread thread was best used in small doses, along with my other Spice threads as it just looked too busy......but in  the smaller size and done well!! it looks wonderful and not at all 'busy'.
The way that she has done the icing..similar to my last attempt looks so good.
He is so cute and shows the thread off to perfection.
he really does look good enough to eat...and he makes mine look even worse!
I almost have to tat him again!
The other Gingerbread man also came in with Carmel but he isn't finished yet.
we all thought that he was so cute that we almost said....

Don't change him, he is perfect as he is.

Doesn't he look different
very Teddy Bearish and furry.....and very surprised...maybe because she had discovered a discrepancy in the pattern....the instructions give 12 rings in the head and the photo shows only 11!
Jackie and I tatted 12 but Carmel went with 11 which makes his eyes closer together and I think makes him look more surprised,


  1. The expression on the last one reminds me of gumbys friend, Mr Bill “OH NO!” LOL They are really fun looking.
    BTW the “you know what” was finally posted. DH sent it priority, so should get there safely. xxxxx Bev

  2. He does have a rather "Gumbyish" look about him! That Bev is sooo funny!

    You are right about the size - definitely more tantalizing in the smaller size - and yes, good enough to eat!
    Fox : )

  3. Yes, I agree with everything you've pointed out about him, and so adorable he is...!

    now I'm hungry for gingerbread

    *off to search my recipe books

  4. "Run, run, run as fast as you can,
    You can't catch ME, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

    The Sprout says that daily. Now I see why. Your Gingerbread Men are so full of life!

    Lily isn't the only one who will find herself dashing to the biscuit cupboard. Me too.

    Congratulations to you and your lassies for braving this marvelous pattern. You have all done a fine job!

  5. They're all very tempting! I can smell the ginger all the way over here!

  6. I'm SO glad you posted Carmel's unfinished version, as I now see what the basic design is, and I now think I actually CAN tat this! It's amazing how Gina designed him, especially with the 'frosting'. It's just VERY clever.

    I guess I didn't realize you have 'tat lassies'! Do you have meetings? I'm also amazed at how much HDT you make! That's a whole other skill that I admire!

  7. I don't know Gumby or Mr Bill...I lead a sheltered life!
    Run run as fast as you can is part of my children's childhood too. I must make one for Grandson!

    I am glad that the unfinished version is a help to you. He looked so different I think partly ion the way that she blocked his arms and legs at a different angle from ours.

  8. Tatknot would you please email me or send a comment with your email address in (I wont publish it).

  9. mj said "Its was great. The gingerbread boy is so cute."

    Thanks mj


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