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Sunday, February 20, 2011

More about the Caribbean!

So glad that you found the last post interesting.
Expecting to see some tatting
ok then
had to tat something in Lizbeth Caribbean 20

Beautiful, I love this design looks good in any colour combo.....I have shown it before...many times....
here and here and here,and even here and here!
The Geckos are up and running along the beam...
...and there is room for MORE!
I couldn't resist a look at eBay last night and there are lots of Caribbean Geckos for sale and we were right..they are made from recycled oil drums...that's brilliant. Also found the Brown Wooden Gecko type that comes decorated with multicoloured dots Aborigional style. They are hand crafted in Bali.
It's great to be able to buy genuine handcrafted souvenirs.
While in Martinique we got to gorge ourselves on our favourite vegetable Taro, also called Dalo, we can get yams,cassava  and sweet potatoes here nowadays but have never seen taro outside the pacific islands so it was a joy to see it in the Caribbean....but we did buy ornamental taro plants last year in a garden center here .
We came across a vegetable we had never seen before...'Christophine'
Apparently used like courgettes, we had it' au gratin' and it was very pale green...and good.
Just found the recipe here.
Also came home with a packet of Columbo spice mix....a Caribbean Curry speciality.
More tatting soon, I promise.


  1. Your bookmark is very pretty! I love the colors you used! Good tatting!

  2. Okay, I now need to go see if I have any Caribbean left. I LOVE that bookmark!

    I love when you travel... I learn so much!

  3. Christophine looks like our "choko" - they're pale green though. It sounds as though it's prepared in much the same way. At one stage, many years ago, every backyard fence was covered in choko vines - either those, or passionfruit.

  4. Hi Maureen, I did find one of the other names seems to be choko..and found a recipe for the gratin dish, added it to the blog post.

    Thanks Diane and Carla.

  5. Welcome back! Had to look on the map to see exactly where Martinique is located - it looks pretty tiny out there in the ocean! So glad you had a great time! And fun for us to read about, even if we are a bit envious!

    I'm curious if the bookmark is done with 2 shuttles. The pattern doesn't indicate it, but it seems to me it would be necessary to do it that way. I think it's so amazing how the colors of the 'flowers' seem to be consistent in colors, even when using the HDT. Thanks for linking to all your examples and to this clever pattern.

  6. Hi Kathy, glad you enjoyed the trip! Yes the bookmark uses 2 shuttles , one for 3 flowers and the other for the flower base and the chain. I used a matching Lizbeth Turquoise for the chain etc. I have not done it before without using a green for the base and stem, open s up lots more colour combos!
    Its terrific when the flowers come our similar to each other...doesn't always happen.


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