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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Wedding!

Busy, busy, time to dye more thread....apart from getting up at 6.20am most days this month to go and supervise exams...need to get up that early to be able to park my car!!

Apart from that and my brain bursting with colour ideas...I am going to a wedding in Wales this weekend. This is the card that I have made, wish you could see it sparkle.

What to wear was going to be simple.. I hate having to buy 'posh' clothes under pressure, and so last July I got the most perfect outfit which grew into a 'capsule wardrobe'. A patterned skirt and top...even found perfect matching sandals was joined by a toning jacket and plain colour flared skirt by the same manufacturer, a pretty white t-shirt for after it's done it's wedding duty, silver shoes and a matching shoulder/clutch bag.

This was heaven to me, two weddings this year and a mix and match set.

I did think that it would be perfect for the 'mother of the groom' but there was no sign of that...until son is getting married next what do I my lovely outfit in case I never find another without that awful pressure....or wear it now!!

Then I had another look in my wardrobe and found yet another matching piece...a new 'posh' t-shirt in a sort of khaki green colour...sounds foul I know. It is decorated with dragonflies in pink and robin's egg blue, and sequins and sparkle.

The colour of suit is called Pomegranite...but when I got it out it shouted Raspberry to me!! (I wonder why!!) and the T-shirt looks lovely with it...mmm!....and so this is what I will wear on Saturday...the plain jacket and plain skirt with the T-shirt and shoulder bag.

Well it just so happens that I have been dyeing a series of mix and match threads to go with ChocoRaspberry to make it more versatile, and one of these is called Raspberries and is just a play on the raspberry part of ChocoRaspberry.

I tatted up Julie Patterson's bookmark pattern (that I have shown before) in my raspberry thread and flora blue..changed it a tad to add beads for sparkle and this is the result, it matched the T-shirt a treat.

Everybody is always telling me that I should wear more tatting and show it off so here goes. This is as far as I have got.

with the T-shirt.

So hard to get the colours right.

All I have to do now is to tat another length for the other side of the jacket and finish a simple fascinator for my hair. So what do you a T-shirt posh enough for a wedding??


  1. You will look lovely in them. Dare I say, even good for to see the Queen.

  2. Oh, yes! It's very nice. The Raspberry color is great with the suit and the t-shirt. I think you're going to look really good and be comfortable as well...a winning combination.

  3. Yes! I see people wear stuff like this to weddings all the time. Only yours is better, cuz it's got tatting!

  4. Thanks Jon, maybe she will be there!I knew I could rely on my tatting friends to tell me the truth!!

    Thanks Marty, I was going to trim the jacket with raspberry and dark green till I suddenly realsied that I could match the T-Shirt to perfection.

    Thanks Miranda, glad you stopped by and left a comment. I so rarely actually use my tatting.

  5. The tatting really dresses up the outfit.
    I see nothing wrong with the t-shirt, it looks good with the jacket.
    have a fun day.

  6. I think the outfit you've chosen if perfect. It looks dressy casual, which is right up my alley. The tatting is just the right touch, too. Love that purse. Have a great time!

  7. Oh this is a lovely suit!!!!!!!

  8. It's all good! I love it that your wardrobe is enhanced with your tatting and it's going to a wedding!
    : ) Fox

  9. Oooo I've just seen this - it's lovely, you've made the outfit your own!
    So you'll wear the patterned skirt and top for your son's wedding?

  10. This is a stunning use of tatting and you will look fabulous!

  11. We should show our tatting off more often and especially on clothing, the outfit looks lovely. Strange today I purchased a T.Shirt in that raspberry colour!!!
    Have a great weekend in Wales. We shall be crossing in August.

  12. That tatted lace is such a lovely addition to your outfit! It looks smashing, DAHling! :)

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Especially the raspberry parts.

  14. Hi Pamela,

    You will look beautiful in the raspberry outfit. It is lovely!! The tatting looks fabulous on the outfit. The colors you chose to make the edge in matches perfectly.

    Love your little card too! The handmade touch makes it even better!

    Have a super time at the wedding!!

  15. Thanks Ladytats, the T-shirt did look fab and the wedding marque was so cold ( great for me!) that I didn't have to take off the jacket.

    Thanks Steph, right up my alley too, I can see me getting a lot of use out of it.

    Thanks wickedtats, I do so love a jacket.

    Thanks Fox,now to change the tatting to match the floral outfit.

    Thanks Maureen, I am out looking for another outfit for his wedding but am not under pressure as I know I have something fab. There is too much choice out there and my trying on tolerance level is low!

    Thanks least you know what I actually look like, you and Sally are the only 2 who have met me. So it's nice to impress you guys!!

    Thanks Sally,let me know in good time when you are coming over and lets hope we can get together this year.

    Thanks Tattycat, its good that pink is IN this year. It's a flattering colour for us oldies as it doesn't drain the colour form our faces.

    Thanks Carol, hope they liked the card too, I put a tatted horseshoe in my acceptance card and she loved it. I think I showed it earlier on my blog.


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