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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I published my blog yesterday and had so few visitors that I wondered why. It wasn't showing up on anybody's blog roll.....mmmm...republished it again today and it still isn't showing...must be all that rain or maybe there is a fashion ban!!!!! maybe this will kickstart it.

Back to tatting and dyeing sooooon.


  1. It's raining here too - flooding! Brisbane is underwater, after we received 450mm of rain in one day! we are ok, just a bit squelchy.On the Coast, cars, peacefully parked, were swept out to sea when 18-foot waves broke over the carpark.
    There's never just a "little" rain in Queensland - either you have none at all for years, or you have 3 months' supply in 24 hours.....

  2. Ok Maureen you beat me!! 450 mm in one day..that's some rain. It's hard to know if you should be glad that you don't have a drought.
    We just had a colleague of hubby's from Sydney staying with us for 7 weeks and he has been frozen!! He lived in his UGG boots! He has never been here in the so called summer before!! May used to be wonderful.


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