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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Raspberry mode!

Got home last night after a wonderful weekend despite the weather. We left home in fog and rain and it rained almost constantly for 5 days!

May used to be such a lovely month, one that I never got to enjoy..being stuck in an exam hall. I looked forward to this wedding for a whole year, to be able to go away in May...wonderful..but it might have been was so cold and wet and windy.

But the cottage that we stayed in was so warm and cosy and our son came down to stay with us,and we talked we didn't mind the weather.

I know you are all dying to know how the outfit turned out....the fascinator was very simple...the feathers with the diamante came like that and I just attached it to a comb and added tatting. Not my best effort but OK, at least it matched.

The outfit felt lovely, and isn't that all that matters. I loved the colour combination, which you can't really see in the photo.

I showed all the combinations to my son and said IF I don't find anything else which do you prefer...and he liked this with the T-shirt!!! he would! He thought the patterned top and skirt were toooooo patterned but did admit that the top looked better on than on the hanger and much more formal.

The tatting well..went mainly unremarked upon...but then wasn't that because it looked so professional!!

The wedding venue had so many bits to it that every time we had to go from one part to another the heavens opened and it sheeted down. This was the first wedding I have been to where I actually got wet ..several times. Every time the photographer got his scenario set rained. he tried to get all the guests....hanging out of an upper window...but he wasn't satisfied with the arrangement...and spent so long trying to get us right that it finally bucketed down and we all fled!

The cousin's son who I had never met, plays double bass and bass guitar in a number of bands and he and his friends kept us well entertained.

To compete with the atrocious weather,our sons car developed a problem and had to be taken away to a local garage.....very luckily we hadn't booked to come home on the early ferry so we were able to take him to the local station where there just happened to be a train within the hour..the only one that day that went without changing stations on a six hour journey to where he lives. How lucky was that in a bad situation!

The sea was rough...but when we got off the ferry in Ireland the sky was blue and the sun was shinning...but it's raining again today.

Forgot to tell you that the funniest thing of the weekend was when the owner of the cottage we stayed in came in and instantly remarked...oh you do tatting! how many times in my life has that happened. She learned to tat at age 13 too but now does crochet. I left her some butterflies to remind her of how it has changed.


  1. The outfit you chose is perfect! My nephew is getting married in September (on my parents' anniversary!) and I have to start thinking about what I will wear. You've given me great inspiration!

  2. Thanks Diane, it's good to have a couple of variations ready just in case they are needed. Different tatting and they will look quite different..well that's the hope...but that raspberry is so distinctive that maybe they will remember...another wedding in July for the patterned outfit....must go looking for something new for son's wedding.

    Can't understand why this post still isn't showing on blog rolls!! bummer.

  3. Hi Pamela! You look so lovely in your outfit! That is one of my favorite colors!

    Your fascinator is lovely! What a fabulous idea!

    That is so classy that you gave the lady some tatted butterflies! Very cool...way to spread the art of tatting! :)

  4. Hi Chic, thank you my sweet friend, you are so good for my ego....which isn't great!
    Fascinators are fun to make but I just had a mental block on this one, tried white flowers in all shapes,styles and sizes but none looked right.
    These flowers like I did in deep pink and green looked fab but they didnt match the outfit so this was a compromise...didn't really look great.

  5. You looked wonderful! That a perfect color for you and the tatting just sets it off. I like the fascinator as well.

  6. Hello Pamela, I had trouble getting your blog to come up, but I kept trying until it finally showed up.

    OH MY, You look Beautiful in your raspberry outfit and the Fascinator is awesome!! You did a fantastic job with the design!

    Sounds like you had a good time at the wedding.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. You look absolutely fabulous in the outfit Pam! I was wondering what a fascinator was - now I know!

    And it's showing on my blogroll!

  8. Thanks Marty, Carol and Gina...have you ever noticed how few people complement you on your real life that is!!

    I personally make a point of doing so, and the way the recipients face lights up is the reward. It costs so little to make someones day so why don't we all do it more often.

    You certainly have all made me feel good about myself. Thanks.

  9. You look great in your outfit, and the tatting does look like it was meant to be there. I didn't know what a fascinator was, either, but it looks cool! Great job!

  10. Thanks tattridy, i will have to write a post about my fascinator experience!
    It's a lovely word.

  11. You look lovely! Very chWonderful colour for you. Fox : )

  12. Loved the look of the fascinator - but didn't know entirely what it was so I has to look it up before I commented on it.

    Now I know. I LOVE yours! Fox : ))

  13. Hi Fox thanks for the compliment.. it was the best colour oufit I have ever had as it didn't drain the colour from me.
    Remind me to write a post just about fascinators I have 4 now.


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