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Monday, December 15, 2008

No 12. Spring Blossom

Next to be tatted was Spring Blossom...only 3 more left after this...will I finish them this year and complete my challenge?????

Blog readers are saying that they like the way that I show the snowflake first in white and then in the Rainbow I do too. White is so pristine and classy but when I make them in rainbow they seems to come alive and look so very, very different.

In white....

then Rainbow... I made a mistake right at the beginning in this one and out 4 picots on the outer chain in stead of the time I noticed it, it was much easier to continue with 4 than to retrotat a long way. This did change the shape of the snowflake quite a lot, and made it a bit 'clunky'!

you also like them shown on a black background too.

No brilliant colour repeats showed up in this one and the pattern becomes hidden in the thread colours.

Thos snowflake is made in two rounds and the centre section was crying out to be tatted in a different it was yellow's turn.

I didn't really like this at first as the yellow looked very dominant....but it grew an my and now I like the contrast. The outer and inner colour layers have just the right balance, and show up really well. This would look nice in lots of colour combinations.

Now for the thread amounts.

Size 20, for round 1,I used 1.6 metres on Sh1 and 1.3 metres on Sh2
For Round 2 I used 3.5 metres on Sh1 and 5 metres on Sh2. A total of about 11.5 metres for the snowflake.
It measures 8.5cm/3.5in.


  1. The yellow center really sets it off! Fabulous!

  2. Beautiful! I also like the yellow center. Oh, how I want to tat... 6 1/2 skeins of yarn to go on the afghan... I will be good and finish Dave's Christmas present... I will be good and finish Dave's Christmas present... I will...

  3. That is another fabulous snowflake pattern! It looks lovely in your HDT, but I'm a white snowflake fan, as well! :)

  4. Very pretty. You are right. It needed the different color center. I can imagine all kinds of combinations.....


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