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Thursday, December 18, 2008

No 13. Minaret.

Only 2 more to go after this one!

Same old formula

Minaret in white..... Rainbow....

Rainbow with black background....

Rainbow with contrasting's be fair to all the colours!

and on a black must all be getting tired of this!!

Will I finish every snowflake in Jon's book before Christmas...that is the challenge.

Thread amounts for size 20...Sh1 4.15metres, Sh2 3.40metres.

Centre section only...Sh1 90cm, Sh2 1.75metres.

Outer section only Sh1 3.15metres, Sh2 1.75metres.

Remember you may need more.

I was supervising an exam on tues and to stave off the boredom I went through all of Jon's patterns and worked out where I would put beads..often several options and how many to be on each shuttle.

Will I ever have time to try them out!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful - all of them! I'm glad orange got a turn.

  2. Minaret is lovely! You did a beautiful job on it. :)

  3. Oh how beautiful,,,I really love your rainbow snowflake!!! But they are all very pretty!!! Guess I am going to have to break down and do some dying, so I can join ya'all in the 'HTD' group LOL

    Seriously,,,your snowflakes are very pretty. Isn't it amazing what different colored backgrounds can do?

  4. No, I don't think anyone is tired of you seeing your beautiful snowflakes! I was never all that interested in HDT until I saw these snowflakes. Now I keep thinking that I should either get some, or maybe try dyeing some myself.

  5. Since I love beads and do have Jon's wonderful snowflake book, I'm looking forward to what you may come up with. I for one am not tired of "this". Please continue..... :-)


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