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Saturday, December 20, 2008

No 14. Pirouette and a party! and another flake.

My penultimate snowflake from Jon's book is Pirouette.

First in white.....

then in Rainbow....

and on black.

A picture on blogger gives no indication of size, unless you put an object in to show the scale. So what you can't see is that I tatted the white one in size 20 and it's big! It measures 3 3/4 inches(9cm), I tatted it again in Rainbow in size 60 and that measures 2 3/4inches (7cm) and looks so different.

I didn't really like the big white one much but when I tatted it in 60 and in Rainbow it suddenly came to life, the colour seemed to be concentrated in the finer thread...maybe I should do a white one in fine thread!

Remember I showed you the one that Snowy tatted in Rainbow in 80 and the colour was a perfect repeat for each point...well not so in 60 as expected.

Thread amounts.
Size 20. Round 1, Sh 1.6 metres.
Round 2, Sh1 9.6 metres....Sh2, 3.8 metres

Size 60, Round 1, Sh 1.25 metres
Round 2, Sh1, 6.75metres, Sh2, 2.7 metres.

Remember you may need more!!

It would look really nice with the centre in a different colour.

OH!! did I promise you a party!!!

Thursday was the annual Christmas Tat party for me and my friends. The best group of tatting friends anyone could wish for.

QantiesqueWe tatted all morning...they all have Jon's Snowflake book and have been working hard on them so today was treat day and we tatted Jon's 'Quantiesque' Snowflake which they absolutely loved. Coral Reef 40 was a favorite and also Altin Basak in lovely varig' pale blues and we also have one in white with red beads.

My tatting Christmas tree came downstairs to be the of that to come another day. No tatting on my real tree at all this year (though a lot of the ornaments were made my me in years past and are still my favorites)and my antique feather tree (that I showed you before) that usually has my tatting now has all little wooden toy ornaments this year. It looks soooh very different. My teeny tiny tree didn't make it out of the attic!!

My table was stretched to its largest as they all bring lovely stuff to eat for our Christmas party...hubby made divine butternut squash and coconut soup for starters...we were very happy tatters and not a hint of chocolate in sight!

Oh well since you asked this is a photo of my Silver Disc Tree, it's groaning under all that tatting.

I will show some close ups and maybe some of the pieces you haven't seen before another day. I tried to count them but had to give up.

Just finished my Qantiesque's......
well you knew I would tat it in white didn't you!!

white has that special snowflake crispness that you just can't beat....and you really see what the negative spaces look like. This is in size 20.

When I saw Jon's pattern I had just unwound a skein of Coral reef in size 40 which is what she used so of course I had to tat it in that.

One for size comparison.

Only one more of Jon's Snowflakes to go.


  1. The top snowflake is absolutely gorgeous! Oh, you don't like it so much? Well, just send it off to me; I'll be glad to give it a good home! LOL! ;) It is one of the prettiest that I have seen. Can you believe I have Jon's book and I haven't tatted a ONE!?! I'd better get crackin' on my tattin'! Well your Quantiesque snowflakes are lovely as well.
    I'm considering tatting the snowflakes in size 80 for my feather tree, LOL! Can you imagine!?! Well, anyway...your tree looks lovely and what looks even more lovely is that you seem to be enjoying the company of loved ones around it! What a blessing!

  2. Now that's an idea!! You have to tat Jon's snowflakes, no excuses.

    Size 80 no I can't imagine, I have got down as far as 60, they do look really lovely when they are intricate and tiny.

    I will stick with Jon's snowflakes till Christmas and then I quit!!
    I have never tatted my way through a complete book before and it's blown me away seeing them all in the same thread.

  3. Everything looks lovely! I think I'll save up for a feather tree after Christmas. I've been wanting one for years, and I think it's something I would really enjoy, especially if I manage to tat all of Jon's snowflakes as you almost have!

    Your tat party looks like fun! I wish I had enough tatters close by to have a tat party... maybe they're around and I just don't know it!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Do you have a favourite, of all the snowflake paterns? I can't get over how differnt they look, tatted in white and then rainbow - I've been scrolling back and studying them all, and in some cases, you have to look twice to make sure it's the same snowflake! I am stil hoping to tat Quantiesque before Christmas, I am stuck on Jingle Santa's head at the moment!

  5. Every one of them is a treasure!


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