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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Blue Lagoon Season!

Back to thread dying again......I didn't mean to dye Blue Lagoon again so soon............................but.........................look what my friend Jackie brought along, her work in progress....

....we had both just got Karey Solomon's book Here Be Dragons................................
we were all so wowed by it that it was a while before I suddenly realised that it was my Blue Lagoon thread!...not that it used much thread!

It did really show the beads off tho'.

When she brought the finished article laid upon green velvet.....well what can I say!

.....and so I HAD to dye more of this thread!

Blue Lagoon is I think one of my successes, it's a 'lite' version of my Coral Reef (coming back soon) with the very gentle subtle colour changes that I like.

Then of course I got to looking to see what I had already made with it.....and the first things that I found were my Blue Lagoon I just have to do a recap from my earlier tatting posts.....just look away if you have already seen these!

The first was Eleanora by Iris Neibach....

...and then came Cornelia also by Iris Neibach...both from her book Tatted Doilies.

This was tatted in size 60 a size that I am beginning to like more and more....I never thought I would move away from size 20.

Of all the things that I have tatted (that I can remember at this moment in time) I think this is my favorite.

I love the way this pattern works out, isolating the groups of rings. I kinda think this looks like lots of little lagoons in the ocean. I dyed a deeper blue colour to make a good contrast round the lagoons.

I think this thread works best with a strong contrast to show it off. This time I am dying stronger shades of blue, turquoise green and turquoise blue and I think these will give quite different results....not enough time to try them all tho'.

What else did I tat with this usual Hearts Desire heart by Susan Fuller and lots of Tatman's Icthus's.....

These show the difference between Blue lagoon and Coral Reef really well...but none of the photos really bring out the beautiful pale turquoise green. that I love.

I have Blue Lagoon in sizes 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 so have no excuse for not tatting you the new things that I have made another day!


  1. Wow! My favorite color in so many beautiful tatted pieces! I don't want to close the computer page!

  2. You remind me that I need to get back to tatting my dragon. Actually, I think I cut the thread off the shuttles because I wanted something prettier!

  3. Oh, so pretty! I wish my dragon had come out like that one! Glad you are back to dyeing thread.

  4. Blue Lagoon's really nice. Love the colour and I can see why you are addicted to it. LOL

  5. Beautiful beads! They looks stunning with that Blue Lagoon thread!!! This thread is one of my absolute favorite thread colorways that you make. Very pretty.

  6. Diane, I knew you would love the next post too.
    Gina..I need to START the Dragonet, it looked so pretty.
    Tattycat you next Dragonet will be divine!
    Valerie addiction is wonderful sometimes.
    Chic you are quite right, it did look stunning, she is going to make another one to wear with different beads as these aren't washable.

  7. Between you and Diane's Iris Neibach's doilies, I had to order one of her books. :-) Glad to see your back in the HDT mode!

  8. Thanks Bonnie, I am addicted to Iris's doileys, just made 2 more!!

    Just made more deeper Blue Lagoon solids.

  9. Wow, I love Karey's Dragon done in Blue Lagoon colorway. It is stunning. I also made this dragon in colorway called Fushia. It might have been some hand dyed thread I think I got from Sherry Pence. I love all your teapots too. I have been making Martha's Teapots too. Of coarse a couple of them I had already done in the proofing process. I will be seeing both Karey and Martha this coming Saturday in Hector, New York.


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