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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Feargal's 2nd stop....Toronto!

Feargal and Finnbarr landed safely in Toronto on tuesday.

They spent International Tatting day in Canada.....this is what happened.....

mmmm! in the company of a lot of Swiss bunnies...they seem to have pigged out on chocolate......pretending they did some tatting!!!

This is what Nollaig did on International Tatting Day....
absolutely nothing........Tadgh says that he has to do everything now that Feargal has gone.

Meanwhile in Indiana...a miracle has happened.
Conor and Ruari (Rory) have found a baby leprechaun hiding in some Easter decorations.

Be sure to pop over to Battatter's blog to read ALL about it.
We are all waiting for more news from Toronto with baited breath!


  1. I'm waiting for news from Toronto AND more news of Conor and Ruari's wee bairn!

  2. The baby leprechaun is just like a little green peanut!


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