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Thursday, April 01, 2010

International Tatting day 2010

I hope that all my wonderful tatting and blogging buddies have a stupendous day and tat their hearts out.

International Tatting Day
1. Eat all the chocolate you desire.
2. Wear a little tatting, and tell everyone you meet about tatting
3. tat only for yourself, only want YOU want to tat, and
4. Remember (or Honor) the tatters who have gone before you and
so much to our art.

My tatting friends couldn't come round today, so we tattted our hearts out yesterday. We made LadyShuttlemaker's 'Hope' butterfly. I told them about the Holocaust Project and they were very interested.
I tatted another one using Just Daffodils and Flora number 229.....
.....I think it's beautiful.
They brought Chocolate and I gave then Chocolate Bunnies....and we ate hot Hot Cross Buns.
Do you think this will be enough to last me througt the day!!!!

Of Course Tadgh and Nollaig had to get in on the act.They wanted to wish Feargal and ***** and ********a Happy International tatting day

Talking of butterflies ....did you see the amazing one that Step tatted
Go have a look at her blog and read all about it.
It's very special to me as all those 4 ring clovers are tatted in my Flame Lantana....!
There are lots of things going on today in tatland........pop over Tatting Chic's blog for her blogoversary have till Easter Sunday for this one..... a great book is up for grabs!

Then go to Ambitatterous's blog to take part in her giveaway-no should still be just in time today is the deadline.......It's a smashing giveaway for some of her sister's gorgeous lotion and hand made soap....and there is even some Vanilla Sky HDT.
Her sister Igoya's etsy shop is  New Hands Soaps and Lotions.

I have a little secret about this one, I have had a little Amber Romance up my sleeve!
When IsDihara sent me my giveaway win of her beautiful ornament...there was something else lurking in the we had done a thread for.......

.......I took a peak inside that pretty packaging.....
......and there it was, a gift set of Igoya's Amber Romance....
Inside that pretty packaging was....
mmmmmm! hand lotion and handmade soap...a really tricky thing to make.
IsDihara says

  Amber romance is a warm and mildly aphrodisiac scent with black cherry, creme Anglaise, sandalwood, sensual amber and Egyptian musk.

Oh my! my entire study is perfumed from the soap that I haven't opened yet

If you are in any doubt about the quality of this product let me tell you that is will want to win this or to pop over to her shop to see what she has in store.

What will I be doing today with my silky soft hands!?? I hope to be dyeing Daffodil Dell, my friends liked it so much that they are tatting with all the thread pictured at the bottom of my last post........I dye so little that I have none left for my next project.

I will be tatting Vinnie's Spring Doiley Number 2....I started last night and am half way round. I am using a shuttle and ball but will use two shuttles for my next one to save having to make SLT's and it will look much better. They are spoiling the shape of the curved chains.It looked difficult when I looked at the diagram but spurred on by what others have done...I calmed down and numbered the progression of the rings and chains and hey presto it is easy! reminds me of the progression in Iris Neibach's doileys...using the downward picot that will be joined to later.


  1. beautiful tatting! love the colors u chose for the butterfly. happy tatting day.

  2. Happy International Tatting Day!

    For me, it was wonderfully appropriate to have been in touch first thing this morning with another tatter, just as I started up the computer and my day...

    Your butterfly is beautiful. And Vinnie's pattern - easy? Yikes! I had such a time with it! You are a wonder, Tatskool! Can't wait to see the finished piece.
    ♥ Fox : )

  3. Thanks Val, hope your tat day is great.

    Hi Fox, now I wonder who that tatter could be!
    Easy! yes..have you ever tatted one of Iris's Doileys!!! I cut my teeth on those with that joining picot.

  4. I love lots of photos! Very inspirational. I will have to try the butterfly again as my first one looked quite clumpy and I also ran out of thread before I could finish it. I need to get away from this computer and go tat and eat my chocolate. But I just had to see what everyone else is up to =)

  5. We're tatting and eating chocolate!

    Feargal, Finnbarr, Sarika and Suneeti

  6. Love the colours you chose for the Hope Butterfly and Happy Tatting Day!!!!

  7. Tat Land has been buzzing all day with happy lacers fresh from their chocolate indulgences. And the first place they no doubt visited was your lovely blog to read this awesome post!

    I loved being in touch with your first thing this morning (even if I was a bit groggy). Thanks for starting my ITD off on such a great note!

  8. Happy International Tatting Day! I did get some Chocolate eaten today with a friend I had taught to tat! It was good! Nice post my friend!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. You had a wondreful and a happy tatting day!
    Lovely Photos.
    And as for 'my' Doiley,
    I'm Loving it!
    I love all your colors so much, and it's already looking so pretty!
    Please tell me it's not a difficult pattern...

  10. Hi Paula, Phew Glad you like all the photos... I do get carried away!

    Hi Suneeti, I can guess who is eating the most chocolate....I even have evidence!
    Thanks Typs and Chic..its great to have tatting friends.
    Hi IsDihara, It is always good to chat with you and swop ideas...sorry to wake you up!!Your computer must have beeeped! Tatskool is here!

    I Vinnie, its a lovely pattern, just emailed you with my 2 cents!


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