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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Cornelia

Yup another one!

This is a very easy pattern by Iris Neibach from her book 'Tatted Doilies' and it looks stunning. Sooh I just had to try it in my HDT. Blue Lagoon was the choice as I am in my 'Blue Lagoon season'!!

I love the way this pattern works out, isolating the groups of rings. I kinda think this looks like lots of little lagoons in the ocean. I dyed some of the deepest colour of Coral Reef to make a good contrast round the lagoons.

This one was made in size 60 and gosh it is so tiny and delicate, here is is alongside the first one in Flora 20.

I have to confess that having given the lemon and lavender one to my son I am making another one like it!!

Getting tired of blues next post will be a new colour.


  1. So pretty in those colors! Say hello to your chef and your maid for me!

  2. Cornelia is so lovely in your Blue Lagoon! Maybe I need to try Cornelia instead of Beatrice.

  3. You can't beat just one dedicated house elf Chic, that's all it takes!!!!

    Cornelia and Beatrice both are easy, but Cornelia is very, very pretty I think. I like these doileys as after a while they can be done almost on autopilot!
    Milena next....maybe

  4. Oh, no, I KNOW you're hiding a chef and maid from us to get all that tatted! LOL! ;)

  5. Ah, now I see what a lovely slow 'progression' you've got from one shade to another I could get interested in HDT. This is like the old Coats variagated threads which I do use because of their slow and subtle changes.
    I wish I hadn't looked at your doilies - I COULD get to start doing them again now I've seen yours!!!

  6. I love those blues, they make such a dreamy doily...

  7. I do love the gentle/subtle shading.
    It does have distinct colour changes which for me bring the doiley to life and yes, it does give it a dreamy quality.

  8. Stunning as always! I love those blues so much. What a great job you do.


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