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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chasing Rainbows!!

I was away for the weekend celebrating a big birthday....who needs big! and visiting pregnant daughter. One of the interesting things we saw was the cheche where grandson may be going.

It has only been open about a month and is the most amazing custom built creche neither I nor she have ever seen. It even has its own chef!!
It was closed so we didn't get to see inside but look at that rubber surfaced playground and all the murals...wouldn't mind going there myself.
The creche is called or what.

I think the baby room is by the giraffes.

So why is that so cool???

Well let me tell you a story.... once upon a time there was a group of tatters watched over by a Leprechaun!
They were wondering what to tat coming up to Christmas....the ring leader had seen Tattycats wonderful white Christmas tree covered in rainbow snowflakes and said
'That's what we will do!' They saw the snowflakes and they said 'YES'

So she ordered lots of copies of Jon's Snowflake book and then had another idea.

'What if you take it in turns to suggest colours for the Rainbow Snowflakes and I will try to dye them for everyone.'

That went down really well and the first tatter spoke up(well there is always one!) saying 'If we are going to tat Rainbow Snowflakes then I would like a Rainbow!!!

Well the ring leader was getting that sinking feeling in her stomach when up popped the Leprecahun and announced that as he knew all about rainbows, best leave it to him!! hmmmmmmmmm!

So she did...with great trepidation as to the mess that he was going to make....and some time later he presented her with a skein of thread.

He sauntered off, very pleased with himself but not before she heard him chunter under his breath...'MAN that was a hard call!!'

'Hey come back here!!'
she called out, 'Not so fast!' 'How did you do it????'
He turned and winked at her as only a Leprechaun can and replied....

'Skill, girl, skill!!'

What had worried her was trying to get 7 colour changes into a circle a yard in diameter, that sounded just too many. Of course she could have made the circle larger but that was not going to be easy with her set up.
But she needn't have worried not only had he got the 7 colour changes but 7 glorious intermediate ones as well.

He did admit that yellow had been the most difficult, the house elf had said that yellow is only yellow when it's pure, and that's so true, the peachy orange looks orange and the limey green looks green. So he did need to exaggerate the length of yellow.

Oh my!! it was beautiful, her favorite so far I think. She loved the subtle colour changes in some of my threads and you couldn't call this subtle. Even tho' it had so many colour changes they just flowed into each other like going round a colour wheel.

Her mind was buzzing with the things that she could make with it, she felt that she could play with it forever and not get bored with it.

'Less of the talk' said he 'and more of the action, so what are you going to make with it??????????????'

Less of the fantasy and back to reality.

Mmmmm of course Susan Fuller's Hearts Desire...and of course Jane Eborall's SCMR Butterfly the best thing ever for using up any bits of thread, it only takes a yard. Oh I wonder what that will be like...this thread could be wonderful or awful!!

Oh my...wonderful!! I name this thread RAINBOW BRIGHT.... it's so bright I need sunglasses to tat with it!!! oh my!

I can't even think how to show you the thread..if I twist it into a skein it will look like a jumble of colours.

What else to tat... mm maybe dye some thread in the blue and tat a rainbow in the sky.
Tried Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel from Tatting With Visual Patterns and not sure if it is a success or not....too much sky and not enough rainbow, maybe the sky is too dark,but it is growing on me.

I tatted this while I was away and I made so many mistakes, untatted them and didn't even know if I liked it, so when one huge mistake that I missed had me almost giving up, I decided to live with the mistake. Maybe you wont even notice it!

It is tatted in size 40 thread and measures a little over 4 inches. It took about 15yds of the blue and about 3 and 1/4yds of Rainbow Bright.

Now for my first Rainbow Snowflake, Twirly Flake from Jon Yusoff's Book of Snowflakes.

This is also size 40, measures 1 and 3/4 inches and took about 4 and 3/4 yards.So loads of snowflakes from a skein.

Oh! did I forget to say that I LOVE THIS THREAD!!!!


  1. So, Tattycat inspired this thread and flurry of rainbow snowflakes, huh? Then Tattycat will surely have to purchase some of this thread with which to tat her own rainbows! Let me know when it's ready. And size 40, yumm. I love the cute story and all of the tatting is beautiful. The place where the baby will be staying is wonderful and so aptly named. It must have be pre-ordained!

  2. Despite all this talk of elves and leprechauns I still maintain that you have a chef and a maid. ;)
    hee. hee.

  3. Thanks Tattycat you definately did inspire all this, I have even designed my own Rainbow Snowflake and that's an even greater miracle.
    It is ready, the link is in the sidebar!

    TattingChic how wise you are!

  4. Gorgeous! I love bright colors.
    :-) Gina

  5. The story is wonderful! The thread is beautiful! The tatting is outstanding. I believe the only reason I was able to find the "mistake" is that I'm now on my 4th Spinning Wheel, and I just made the same mistake!

  6. Gina, you're a girl after my own heart.

    Diane, oh no, hope you didn't get too far before you saw it. I thought that it wouldn't matter much till I got to the next spoke in the wheel and realised that i either had to perpetuate the mistake or do something drastic!

    And Tatting Chic you just have to find the right house's that simple!! haven't you read your Harry Potter!!

  7. That is amazing thread, I am not usually aquisative, but I found myself going "want it, want it"

    and I look forward to meeting your new baby, will he get rainbow bootees? ;)

  8. Hi Snowy, looks like a few other people are wanting it too, of course you all have such good taste!! like me!!
    Rainbow Bootees, now that's a thought wouldn't they be gorgeous.

  9. You designed your own snowflake? That is amazing! I knew you had it in you! I'll check out that link if I'm not too late!

  10. Oh Wow!. You've got me mesmerised, or maybe it is the work of the leprechaun.

    This must be the ultimate in HDT. No other words to describe it.

  11. WOW, Jon! that's the ultimate in nice comments. Your snowflakes will never be the same again! These leprechauns can be very seductive!!

    I am so looking forward to seeing what everybody else makes with it.

  12. Happy Birthday Pamela!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! The daycare center is painted up so cute, I'm sure the kids love it. Well, Fionn, you certainly have been busy helping out with the new threads. The colors are so vibrant. Very nice Pamela and I'm glad to see Fionn is staying out of trouble too.

  13. Hi Pam, I hope you had a nice birthday. As you know I am expecting a new Grandchild in February and would a tatting outfit in that rainbow thread be cool. I am going to make something for my new Grandchild that will be here soon than anybody thinks. I also loved your Fantasy Story. It was really cute I think. Anyhow...I am wanting thread too and have sent you an email saying so.

  14. Happy Birthday, Pamela!

    The rainbow thread is brilliant! I love it. I just went to your e-shop and it was all gone. :(

    Will the house elves be whipping a new batch anytime soon?

  15. Thanks Steph. Hope to start re-stocking tomorrow and as often as possible after that.

    This really does take a long time to make, but the house elf just does the housework and the cooking and admires my work!!!


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