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Sunday, September 12, 2010

No 30 again, Elephants!

A quick change to Elephants......
while we are still in Zoo mode!

Elephants were No 30 in my Tatted Animal Challenge, tatted way back in 2008.
You can see them here .
this is elephants revisited.
Those elephants were accompanied by real elephants in Dublin zoo.
This time it's elephants from Chester Zoo that have st me off.
The elephant enclosure was massive and superbly landscaped....I wouldn't have minded living there myself!

Who wouldn't with a swimming pool like that!
How different they look when wet or dry.
So mmm! have I got any suitable colours to tat them in......would like it to be Size 10 to go with the Rhinos.
Light grey might be good...

Or maybe light brown....
Or slightly smaller in Coats Red Heart in what looked like a dark grey...but is actually a grey green.

Or finally a different grey in Red Heart.

Cute or what. he came out a little bit different.
Of course the resident expert asked if I could make them with two ears. Not a bad idea as I have the two winged pig hanging in a ring.

They all wanted to go to the zoo!
One little fella nearly got left behind.
The pattern is in Martha Ess's new book, More Critters on the Block.
One of my friends said that the book was going to be worth it if only for the elephant!

In size 10 they measure  7cm/2.5in.
using the modified shoelace trick method took
Sh 1.5m,   ball 4.6m
In Red Heart 20, measures 6cm/2.25in and took
Sh 1.25m, ball 4.25m

By the time that you read this I hope to be in Lloret de Mar in Spain, near Barcelona, with my lace Guild at the Lace Festival.


  1. OH…awwww I love your elephants. My daughter, Kristen, collects all thins elephant. I really should tat one of these for her. Thank you for sharing…Of course, Donnacha now has the idea that I will make one large enough for him to ride! Silly Lep!

    xxx BJ

  2. Interesting! I am sure your tatted elephants enjoyed meeting their relatives at the zoo.

  3. The elephants are great! I love the way each elephant's attitude changes just by the tilt of the head and location of the ears. Wonderful!

  4. Love the cute little elephants! What a great block pattern by Martha. I remember your other elephant post, I can't believe it was from 2008. How time flies! You should add a little pink elephant!

  5. How very cool! My mother did a great deal of tatting and taught me the basics, but I have taken off with knitting and crochet. I love your elephants!



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