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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Seventh day of December!

24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn

This is the first of three designs that I would have avoided if possible!

Before I start I have to say that this is the worst colour choice that I have ever made for tatting a snowflake. I personally think that it looks foul!

Another Altin Basak thread that I had never I know why!

For starters,I don't like most threads that go from dark to white. Add to that the abrupt colour change from green to yellow and I know why I started dyeing my own threads!

It's yuk!

Now maybe I instinctively chose that colour because I wasn't going to like the that's a thought!

I have to admit that in a better colour it would be lovely.

The pattern decrees 2 shuttles and it is made in 2 rounds according to the diagram. Now at this point I came unstuck trying to determine what was actually in each round. It's obvious now but it wasn't at the time.
What I would have like to have seen on the diagram was

1. A start arrow.
2. Direction arrows.
3. Numbered rings.
4. In what order should the onion rings be tatted. I have done them before and did actually remember, but it would help others.

In fact I just looked at the diagram and couldn't remember what was in round one.....that's how bad it was....I think I am into snowflake overload.

In order to figure it I couldn't from the diagram...this is what I did.
Selected just the black square with the actual tatting photo from my scan, knocked out the black so it didn't take too much ink to print and printed it enlarged.
This helped me to see where the actual tatting seemed to go!......and wow her tatting is so neat.

I would like to make this again to see if I could do better.

Thread amounts it measures 9.5cm in Altin Basak 50
Round 1, Sh1 3.5m, Sh2 3.75m
Round 2, Sh1 @.5m, Sh2 5.5m

May not get a snowflake posted tomorrow as going to the big smoke. Hubby has a meeting at the zoo and I have no option but to shop!! Three bead shops and a ribbon shop, now what could I possibly want there, I already have enough bead for several lifetimes. Just hope it doesn't rain, last December when I went it sheeted down the entire day, but my spirits weren't dampened...made of sterner stuff!

Three hours tatting on the train each way....must go and wind some shuttles.


  1. What a fine job you did though. I love the colors.

  2. Hmmmm, I hate to say but I agree about the thread. I admire you GREATLY for tackling things you don't really want to do. Many congratulations.

  3. I agree with you about the thread, but I do love that snowflake!

  4. Sorry, but I love it!
    Fox ; )

  5. The color may not be too wintry and snowflake-like, but I think it looks like spring! This was my favorite pattern to make (so far, but I'm only halfway done...)

  6. Perhaps it is my monitor, but I like this combination. It reminds me of biting into just-picked, juicy fruit straight from a tree.

  7. Well, even though you don't like the colors, the pattern is lovely and your tatting is so neat and even! It's a beautiful snowflake.

  8. I do like the design, but if I were going to make it, I think I would add another picot to the outer onion rings, centered over the join. I think decorative picots usually look better in odd numbers, but that's just personal opinion.

    I completely agree about the colors. There's nothing wrong with any of those colors on their own, but they don't do anything for each other. I bet this flake would look awesome in Blue Lagoon.

  9. I have to catch up - my computer has been suffering with a most horrible virus - first one we've ever had. This afternoon the wonderful man who fixes it was here for three hours, and in that time, there are TWO beautiful snowflakes to admire! I can't believe how quickly you are producing them. Even though you say it was a difficult pattern to decipher, it is beautifully tatted. I recognise the thread, I have a ball of it too!

  10. Hi Rayanna, Thanks.

    Hi Jane, glad you agree...about the colour or the quality tho?? Thanks for your encouragement.

    Hi Diane, yup it's very pretty when it's an easy pattern.

    Hi Fox OK!

    Hi Mica, I visited your blog..nice work. Nice to have you along on the ride!

    Hi HJ, yup it does look like that but i would rather eat the fruit than look at this snowflake!

    Hi Chic, Thank you.It is a lovely pattern, I was just biased against it.

    Hi Miranda, it would look super in Blue lagoon, will have to make some more! Not sure how easy it is to put a picot over a join.

    Hi Maureen, sorry but when ever anybody mentions virus's I can't help saying Buy a Mac!
    Have you used your yucky thread?!!

  11. I second that about buying a mac - I did and I don't regret it. WHOOOOPPPEEEEE - no virus probs!

  12. I can see that this is a pattern I'm not going to be able to do.

    I often wish that the starting point was indicated on diagrams.

    It's still a beautiful flake, even in a colorway that you don't like.

  13. Hi Jane, Oh but it took you such a long time to get there!

    Hi Bonnie, you can do this no problem, with a little bit of help. Just ask when you are ready.


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