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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Hi everyone!
To all my tatting friends out there
I have been absent way too long.
Life happens
sometimes you just need to take a break.
I am fine, still tatting.....just not reading blogs or writing them, or even dyeing thread!

I will try to get back to normal next year and be back to my old self.

 I have finished 23 out of the 24 Easter Eggs...will show you sometime.

BUT my latest tatting adventure has been with Ruth Perry's Sweet Little Christmas Edging.
I have made a couple of bookmarks in size 20 Flora, but my favourites right now are these Christmas
tree ornaments.
I just cant make enough to give to all my tatting friends , I wish that I could.
I shopped around looking for little bells and was delighted to find these tiny ones in several colors.
The tails without the bells fit better in an envelope tho!
they all add enough weight for it to hang nicely on a tree without stiffening.
They do match my Christmas table cloth to perfection.
I LOVE this pattern, thank you so much Ruth.
Happy Christmas, talk to you all next year.