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Friday, November 28, 2008

Number 7, Oasis.

The seventh Snowflake from Jon Yusoff's book is Oasis.
First tatted in Rainbow Bright 20, it took approx 2 metres on Sh 1 and 5.5 metres on Sh 2...remember you may need more.

and then with the central section done in RB Green. This made a lovely contrast and would look nice in any RB Solid colour.

The snowflakes measure 7cm/2.5 inches and took....Inner part(Green) Sh 1.25 metres and 0.65 metres on the ball, Outer part Sh 1 approx 1.25 metres and Sh 2 approx 5.25 metres...not too sure of the figures for the outer part but this does give you some idea of how much.

This is another very pretty design.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Star of Leprechauns

Remember the Leprechauns that I made last year and sent out to colonise the world.

I made 6 last November and they took up residence in England, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New York and New Mexico as well as my own Fergal who stayed here to be in control!

Lots and lots of you claimed Irish Ancestry (well that covers almost everybody in the world!!) and longed for a Leprechaun of your own...ok maybe longed for is a slight exaggeration!!...and even those with no Irish blood in their veins wanted one too!!!

I was even asked if I would supply the pattern so that you could make your own...but really that wasn't even a runner as they wouldn't have been real Irish Leprechauns at all, at all!

Well I got out my gear and have made another 5 for this Christmas and they will shortly be winging their way overseas. Remember that I told you that Fergal was making a list...well he has been checking it to see who these guys should go to and he says to tell you that if you didn't make it to the top of the list this year well there is always next Christmas. Of course he isn't the one who has to make them!!!

At the moment they are all away at the LEP Academy doing their Lep reconnaissance training so they can do their job efficiently...I am not going to mention exactly what their job description is!!! but you will know!!
I just found out that LEP RECON training costs and arm and a leg outside of Ireland, I suppose it would, it's highly specialised.

Just a word of warning ...never trust a Leprechaun with vital tatting information!!!

OK here they are in Christmas mode wanting to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and sorry that their isn't one for everybody...oh doesn't that make them even more desirable!!!

If you want to learn more about them just click on the leprechaun link in the sidebar.

Monday, November 24, 2008

No 6. Sunburst and more talented friends.

My next snowflake by Jon Yusoff is Sunburst.

First in white size 20 it measures 3 1/4in and takes in DMC 20 approx 3.25metres on Sh 1 and 5.5 metres on make sure that you allow extra as this is only a guideline amount that I need to use. Allow at least 50cms more on each shuttle to slacker tatting or longer picots. A guide line is only good if it makes things easier for you, if you have to add a short length near the end then it hasn't served it's purpose.

It's a very elegant pattern., one of my favorites, lots of negative space.

This is a design that really looks really good in Rainbow Bright. I think its because of the continuation of the colour round the outside that also includes the rings. I like the busy bit in the middle too. This would look nice using a solid colour too for some parts, but time eludes me. Maybe some other time.

There have been lots of lovely things coming into my inbox from you guys out there using Rainbow Bright....they make my heart sing!

First from Jeff came Kim's Snowflake, it looks stunning on the black background. I have to try this one. Jeff definately deserves the One Sweet Blog Award(see my earlier post).

From Laura came a Denise Munoz Rose Snowflake, the same one that Sherry T tatted.

Jon's Carrousel

and her own design Pizzazz,

and Nancy Tracy's Layered Snowflake. Even more for my must do list. Aren't they all lovely.

Omon San tatted a heart by Mary Konior, you also deserve a One Sweet Blog Award.

and Connie Angeline made Mary Konior's cross. I am not sure if you have a blog connie, if you do please accept a One Sweet Blog Award.

All I can say is wow, what talent you all have.

More snowflakes from me coming soon.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No 5 Milky Way

I am determined to work my way through all of Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflake Collection, All in Rainbow Bright, this is quite a challenge, especially to stick to the same thread, but it does give a great comparison, so I will stick with it and not be tempted!!

Number 5 is Milky Way...I have already shown you examples tatted by Laura and Jackie so now it is my turn.
The first one I made is totally Rainbow Bright size 20 and took approx 11 metres of thread.

Next I used Blue from the Rainbow Solids for the rings.

Then Indigo for the rings

and finally the reverse, Indigo for the chains and Rainbow rings, giving quite a different look. I wonder which you like the best.

I like the way the inner rings all came out mainly red leaving the other colours for the outer groups of rings.
the ring shuttle took about 6 metres and the chains took about 5 metres.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Exciting, exciting news!!!!

Remember my leprechaun Fionn.....he who is sitting at the top of my blog.....well he has decided to change his Fergal!!

The reason is that my daughter has just produced my first grandbaby...a beautiful little boy and she named him Fionn..'would you believe it' said my leprechaun who thought he had such a cool name.....but well he just doesn't want to have the same name as grandbaby.....much too confusing.

Baby Fionn...pronounced Fyon as in yonder....was born on October 23rd weighing in at a healthy 8lb 5oz.

Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Fyon Mc Cool) was a mythological Celtic warrior, a giant of a man, leader of the Fianna. There are many stories about Fionn, but my favorite one is how as a boy Fionn caught the salmon of knowledge. You can find the story here.

Grandbaby Fionn is beautiful...yes I know all grandbabies are but.....he really is beautiful.

Here he is 3 days old,so magnificently swaddled by his daddy.

4 days old with grandma practising nappy changing.

5 days old when he didn't want to go to sleep but to chat to grandma and grandpa who were in charge!

His mum so hoped that he would be born before halloween ( he was 4 days early!) so that he could wear the lovely outfits he had been given!

He was just 7 days old and didn't approve to much of the bib or the matching scary hat! but he loved the socks.

He had his first try out of his froggy play mat and he matched it so well.

Just to show you how tiny he actually is, this is Fionn with his girlfriend Madie who is 3 months old! See his pumpkin hat!

Well that was Fionn's first week that we got to share. Not had much time for blogging and going back to see him again tomorrow, he will soon be a month old, how time flies.

I guess I better add a tiny bit of tatting to this is the card that i made for his's more of that holographic card that looks so different from different angles.