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Saturday, November 22, 2008

No 5 Milky Way

I am determined to work my way through all of Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflake Collection, All in Rainbow Bright, this is quite a challenge, especially to stick to the same thread, but it does give a great comparison, so I will stick with it and not be tempted!!

Number 5 is Milky Way...I have already shown you examples tatted by Laura and Jackie so now it is my turn.
The first one I made is totally Rainbow Bright size 20 and took approx 11 metres of thread.

Next I used Blue from the Rainbow Solids for the rings.

Then Indigo for the rings

and finally the reverse, Indigo for the chains and Rainbow rings, giving quite a different look. I wonder which you like the best.

I like the way the inner rings all came out mainly red leaving the other colours for the outer groups of rings.
the ring shuttle took about 6 metres and the chains took about 5 metres.


  1. They are all super! I love Jon's snowflake patterns. It looks like you are having tons o'fun with your Highly Dangerous threads! LOL! ;)

  2. I love them all, but I think I like the one with the solid blue best. This is my favorite pattern from Jon's book!

  3. They're all beautiful, but I have to say the bottom one is my favorite! I LOVE blue!

  4. Thank you all for your comments, they help me a lot. I have to agree with Diane that I think I like the bottom one best. Indigo is def my favorite solid colour. This is probably my favorite pattern too as it has lots of negative space.

    Highly dangerous thread Chic, yup I think it might explode.

    Bonnie do add about half a metre to any lengths that I give as you may tat more loosely or make longer picots and then thread estimates are less than useful if you have to add thread.

  5. Bonnie I can't understand why your comment isn't showing!!! I have clicked publish several times and am told that it has already been moderated!!

  6. Well Bonnie's comment doesn't want to show so here it is......

    Super Cute. I also have Jon's snowflake book and am determined to make it thru them all. So I seriously want to thank you for letting me know how much thread is needed for the projects you make. I should start that too, but I'm not seasoned enough to have any concept of how much thread anything takes.

  7. One of the best tatted snowflake books I've tatted from! I love how you're using a solid with the Rainbow Bright. It really sets off the flakes beautifully. Great job as usual, Pamela!

  8. Just question is: How were you able to put the precious grand-baby down long enough to tat?? lol

  9. Steph I wish I had time to tat them all several different ways, that's such fun.

    Miss Nancy...good point...but it was more important to make sure his mum had as much quality time with him as possible as she was physically and emotionally wrecked, so on our first visit we had to stand back and look after his mum and dad. Tough I know!


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