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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Star of Leprechauns

Remember the Leprechauns that I made last year and sent out to colonise the world.

I made 6 last November and they took up residence in England, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New York and New Mexico as well as my own Fergal who stayed here to be in control!

Lots and lots of you claimed Irish Ancestry (well that covers almost everybody in the world!!) and longed for a Leprechaun of your own...ok maybe longed for is a slight exaggeration!!...and even those with no Irish blood in their veins wanted one too!!!

I was even asked if I would supply the pattern so that you could make your own...but really that wasn't even a runner as they wouldn't have been real Irish Leprechauns at all, at all!

Well I got out my gear and have made another 5 for this Christmas and they will shortly be winging their way overseas. Remember that I told you that Fergal was making a list...well he has been checking it to see who these guys should go to and he says to tell you that if you didn't make it to the top of the list this year well there is always next Christmas. Of course he isn't the one who has to make them!!!

At the moment they are all away at the LEP Academy doing their Lep reconnaissance training so they can do their job efficiently...I am not going to mention exactly what their job description is!!! but you will know!!
I just found out that LEP RECON training costs and arm and a leg outside of Ireland, I suppose it would, it's highly specialised.

Just a word of warning ...never trust a Leprechaun with vital tatting information!!!

OK here they are in Christmas mode wanting to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and sorry that their isn't one for everybody...oh doesn't that make them even more desirable!!!

If you want to learn more about them just click on the leprechaun link in the sidebar.


  1. Well, look at that! Those leprechauns sure are talented.

  2. I'm so glad to see more of these guys! I've enjoyed following the leps progress! How fun!

  3. What a wonderful post. You have done a great job. That training sounds really rigorous. The picture is preciouos.

  4. What fabulous little leprechauns! They are all stars in their own right! ;)

  5. I hope they won't get homesick for Ireland,in their new homes!

  6. Yup they are my little stars, very talented and no I don't think they get homesick they are too busy doing their 'job'!!!
    All their siblings seem to be very, very happy...of course it is a big responsibility looking after one and keeping him out of trouble!!

  7. I so wish I had a little leprechaun of my own, I sort of do, my little brother Patrick Sean O'Connor. (how's that for Irish lineage?)And a stepdaughter born March 17th.
    I really do enjoy the stories that you and all the previous recipients have written and look forward to the new tribes adventures. Connie
    p.s. in the states in the 60's there were The June Taylor dancers on the Jackie Gleason Show that did a star maneuver like that. Gave my a little giggle to see the leps do it

  8. Pamela, I somehow missed this post. I was reading blogs today with William and he saw some of his relatives arriving at their new homes. He is thrilled to see they have traveled to America. How sweet of you to send out more Lucky Leprechauns. If you want to see what William thinks about all this excitement, head on over to my blog.

  9. Carol...words fail me at you inability to keep William under control, he seems to be ruling the roost!!!!
    Hope he gets back glad that he spotted the other Leps, he would hate to have missed reading that.

  10. Yep, William has a mind of his own and gets into quite a bit of mischief. But I do love him anyway!

  11. Oh how adorable! I love your leps!!! Just TOO cute!!!


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