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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oh Yeah! Feargal is HOME!!

Wowee! can you believe it!!
Feargal left for his Grand Tour on March 22nd 2010.

That's almost 6 years of travelling!!

I am announcing his return on St Patricks Day 2016 as it seems like a good day for celebration.
A big box arrived in the post. It had come from New York in rather a roundabout way stopping for a short respite in Stratford On Avon where I believe Feargal was oh sooh! tired that he flatly refused point blank to hear anything about Shakespeare! and begged why am I here? I just want to go!
Inside the box were many goodies and associated
Leprechaun Grand Tour Souveniers and more... just stuff!
More about that another time.

Isn't that a cute little sleeping box? See the lovely piece of Rainbow Bright tattingto make him feel at home?
Well I opened it very carefully and what should I find inside but Feargal and Miss Scarlett fast asleep.
So I let them sleep it off, opening the box to take a peek every now and then.
They slept right through Christmas,
.......right through the New Year,
We went away on a winter holiday and they were still asleep when we got back tho' Feargal did manage a GO AWAY, CAN'T YOU SEE WE ARE TIRED!!
I guess they were jet lagged! double jet lagged!

And so to today.....when I peeped into the box up jumped a wide awake Feargal.

Next thing Feargal was on his way out of the box.....
Miss Scarlett gracefully stepped out and brought out with her a new edition to the Lep family, A little baby Lep sleeping in half a walnut shell. Haven't found out it's name yet??
Well it just so happened that I was just sorting through a bag of St Patrick's Day hair ribbons that I have bought for all The Brownies in my Brownie Guide Pack.....
and didn't Feargal spot them in an instant.....and dived in head first.
What was he looking for.......a pot of gold.....fat chance Feargal!!
Then over he rolled and with a look of ecstasy on his face muttered under his breath...
"Oh it's so soft after years in that hard travelling box!
Come on in Miss Scarlett, it's divine."
So she did.
But wait....what's that sitting on Feargal's shoulder???
Mmmm! Methinks a stowaway!

from all at LEP HQ

More soon I hope as Feargal tells his story.
How many places did he go to?