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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gecko Twins

Well it's official! I have joined the HDTA (Hand Dyed Thread Addicts)!

Yarnplayer has such a skill for wonderful colour combinations and I have been itching to get my hands on colours that would make wonderful geckos. Her shop is a treasure chest and I found so many threads that would make nice geckos that I had to order them all. Here are a few of them, watch out for more geckos!!

They are so nicely presented in skeins lying in tissue that just looking at them is a treat.
But must get down to using them!

First one I have tried is 'Fern' in Size 20 and I am so pleased. It is a lovely smooth thread to use, doesn't knot and the long picots don't twist, what more could I ask!

Geckos generally lay two eggs at a time, and so here are my twin geckos that just hatched out! using my very favorite Jane Eborall pattern.

They are so alike that it's a case of spot the difference. It was just by chance that the front legs had the same colour combinations and the back legs were similar to each other too. I think that Marilee must have know just just how to space her colour changes. Even more strange is that the second gecko has almost identical colour changes. Also quite by chance, I just continued where I left off on the skein and measured my length of thread. If anyone would like to know my geckos took 6.45m on Shuttle 1 and 4.35m on Shuttle 2, beware tho' as I am a tight tatter. That works out at 10.80m for a gecko, so a 45m skein I hope will give me 4 geckos!!

The second gecko has slightly different beads and has no beads on his head, this makes his head stand out a bit better. More experiments with beads to follow.
The eye beads were a great find as they are so, so gecko like.

Well they would have been if my geckos had been nocturnal ones, they do have very pale eyes. But my geckos are most like Phelsuma grandis a day gecko from Madagascar and they have dark eyes ( well I can't get everything right!).

Phelsuma species are very brightly coloured, greens red, blues.
Look them up they are stunning.

Well my two quickly took off up the nearest tree trunk, hoping to escape...fat chance little fellows!!


  1. Sooo very cute! I am surprised that they turned out so much alike; I would have thought that the color changes would occur differently on each one.

    Your zoological knowledge is very impressive as well!

    And, humble thanks for such a lovely promo of HDT. It's much appreciated.

  2. Your HDT is THE BEST!

    The next gecko is working out differently, the twins were an amazing fluke...unless they really are twins!!

  3. These have got to be the fanciest geckos I have ever seen....LOVE THEM!
    Welcome to HDTA!

  4. I love geckoes; used to share a room with half a dozen of them, overseas!

    Very nice!


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