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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thoughts of Summer!

It may be sunny but there is a cold March wind blowing outside my house,but I can dream of warmer days!

Nothing can be more evocative of summer than a pair of flip flops for walking on a tropical beach somewhere and Martha has conjured up that scene.

Martha Ess the queen of block tatting has come up with a new range of designs, not only more of my favorite little critters but cool things for every holiday season of the year. Her new book Holidays on the Block is almost steaming hot off the press, take a look here.

A while ago Martha sent me the pattern for her flip flops to try and I was enchanted by them. So enchanted that I made pair after pair after pair in all colours and all sizes.

Here you can get a feel for the size of these little gems. tatted in Flora 10 and 20, and I'll tell you what...tatted in size 80 they make just the duckiest pair of earrings I have ever seen!!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!! It's still cold outside....better get back to tatting geckos!! and maybe something for Easter as I have a friend who has some black ducks (can't remember their name)and has given me some eggs.

Oh and while St Patricks Day is still ringing in my head...on the big day they had snakes at the supermarket checkout! As I packed my bag and admired them the checkout lady asked if I had someone small who might like one. Fortunately she didn't hear me whisper
'Yes me!'


  1. These are ADORABLE! who are the lucky recipients or do you have a squad of dolls waiting for them?

  2. Oh My!!!! Those are really adorable!!!! Just tooooo cuuuttteee!!!!!

  3. Hi Pam, I got to proof some of Martha's tatting patterns too. I can't wait to get my book but I did tell her she can just wait and give it to me if she wanted to since I will be seeing her soon in Hector, New York. She and her family is driving up here for the event which she will be teaching at. Fergus Og is behaving himself. He is still sitting ontop of the green bag of gold chocolates. He is so sweet to me and I thank you again Pam for sending me him...he has been a cheerful friend to me.

  4. I love them and would love to make some of them. My girls, grown women both, would have a fit!

  5. The flippers and FAB and I like you new little friend.


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