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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Number 31 A Fish in a blue lagoon

This is another Fish for the 25 Motif Challenge...this first was the Seahorse.

This fish comes from the hatchery of Mark Myers and represents the Icthus symbol.

I first tatted it in my Coral Reef thread in Size 20, it measures 7cm (just under 3in) and takes about 5m (5.5yd) of thread.

Next I tried my Blue Lagoon thread in size 60. I don't usually tat with thin threads so this was an experience, I worried about problems with untatting but I needn't have as this thread was a dream to tat with.
I just love the way this pattern show up the progression of the gentle colour changes in Blue Lagoon ..... mmmm must try this with my other HDT's.
In 60 it measures 6.5cm and takes about 4m (4.5yd).

I LOVE this pattern so lets add some delica beads!! and some silver thread for even more sparkle....Oh My!!

Here they all are together to show the size.


  1. That is a totally righteous school of fish! ;)

  2. Very clever Chiclet! You made me laugh...again!

  3. The fish are beautiful! I've got to put this pattern on my to do list. My list is getting longer by the minute. Love the blue color!


  4. Beads on the core thread of the half rings???? Oooooohh, gotta try that soon. I love it.


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