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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Well I didn't get to go to the Brownies Halloween party this year, it was early and someone's birthday party clashed with it!.....sooooh I didn't get to dress!!

But with a bit of luck I am going to spend Halloween with a new tatting friend and get to do exciting things.

I did tat Halloweeny things. Having been inspired by others it was Heidi Sunday's Pumpkins on a Vine.

My first attempts in Flora 10 and 20. I did find the pattern tricky at first.

3 Pumpkins, then 4...the lines got longer...up to 6 what shall I do with them....mmmmm! I have an idea!

Time to play around a little and make some individual pumpkins.

All in Flora 10 and measuring about and inch and a half. the top one with two leaves and the bottom two playing with different colors for the side rings..are they leaves or miniature pumpkins??

They have more scope for little decorations... to turn this card....

....into this, with the help also of some holographic glitter.

So aren't you all dying to know what I did with my string of Pumpkins?????

Well...I had a really pretty tall jar filled only a week or so ago with Grape jelly made by my very special House Elf from his very special Black Hamburg grapes in his very special greenhouse...ripened in this especially awful summer!!

It was so obvious that it needed pumpkins wrapping round it...of course it should have been Pumpkin jam! and it should have had a much prettier label....but you can't have everything...this is of course for a special friend...with the very special card.

OK,OK enough is enough!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my blogging friends! you are all special, very special!!


  1. I thought you would make the pumpkins into a necklace!!! Have you been out treat and treating?!!!!!!!

  2. Your blogs are always tantalising! - and as I was scrolling down to see what happened to the pumpkins, I somehow was thinking that grape jelly would be purple!
    Australia doesn't "do" Halloween. However, in some of the new areas where there are lots of children, there is a creeping tendency to embrace it. I suppose that's a direct influence of TV programs etc.
    Also, our biggest Craft chain, Spotlight, has been taken over by one of the American companies, so this year it was stocked with Halloween things.
    I hope you enjoyed the tatting time with your new friend!

  3. Your tatting is perfection and a fine decoration for that lovely jam! Thanks for sharing (the tatting, not the jam). Hee, hee.

    I didn't get my Halloween-y tatting project finished, but I posted a photo of it anyway. It should go live tomorrow (about 8 hours from now).

    Lace Lovin' Librarian just posted photos of the HDT package she received in the mail from you. SO wonderful!

  4. I ♥ that pumpkin vine edging! Your little individual punkins are cute as well!

    Happy All Saints Day today!

  5. I wish I had seen this pattern earlier! It is terrific for Hallowe'en!

    Your jam looks yummy and I have no words for your new colours! They are amazing and more!
    Fox : )

  6. Oh Sally...a necklace, cool idea.Isn't treat and treating wonderful!
    Hi Maureen, Glad I can still entertain you. Grapes well I guess it's only the skins that are purple, they only give wine the colour because they are says the House Elf!
    Halloween gets bigger each year, with greater sales for costumes etc.It was always in Ireland as celtic festival and a great excuse for kids to party as we didn't have Guy Fawkes and bonfires like Britain has.

    Hi IsDihara...I wish I could email you some jam!
    I hadn't seen Lace Loving Librarians fact I had 10 of her posts to catch up on. I now have only 168 posts to read in my Google Reader!!

    Thanks Chic, All Saints day was MEGA. Only just got back home, will post about it when i get up to speed again.

    Thanks Fox...all admiration gratefully received.

  7. Hi Pamela, Very pretty pumpkin vine edging. Yes, it would look good as a necklace. What a cute little kitty halloween card with the perfect touches of pumpkins. Lovely post as always Pamela!!

    I never would have thought to put the vine on the glass jar. Great gift idea.

  8. I agree with Maureen, your blogs are TANTALISING! First off: I can't believe Fionn is one already (and isn't he just the cutest thing ever!. It seems like he was just born.
    Secondly, I love your pumpkins more than words can say! That is on my list of things to tat when I heal up!

  9. Hi Carol,thanks for the she won't ever be able to throw away the jar!!
    Hi Sherry, glad to hear you so chirpy again...tantalising woweeee!
    I can't believe my sweetie is one either, time goes way too fast.
    Heal fast girl...pumpkins call!


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