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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Leprechaun Rivalry!

The great news is that after three weeks of being AWOL, Feargal and Scarlett have landed on the ground, no one knows where yet.....well at least I don't...but as long as they are fine they can take their time before announcing their destination.

It is becoming increasingly clear that these Leps are not only a sporting bunch but also inclined to rivalry.
One just can't bear to be outdone by another. Or maybe they just like the same things!

It started with Blathnaid on her snowboard.

 Soon joined by Donnacha and his skateboard .....given to Feargal...generous Lep that he is!
NOW it has spread to Finnbarr who has just 'found' a skateboard ....which just happened to be lying around!

Well I needn't tell you what the feeling here was at Lep HQ when young Tadgh saw this.
He went green with envy.
He ranted and raved about wanting one and how it wasn't fair...and all that childish stuff!!
Then he went missing for days, seems that he was scouring Lep HQ convinced that there was something to ride on hidden away SOMEWHERE.
Wasn't the little blighter right!

Didn't he chance upon a couple of Snoopy's riding along minding their own business!
he tried his best to get them to hop off, offering bribes of unknown quantity, most likely Leprechaun Gold...more about that in another post!

Nothing would get these chaps to abandon their sport!
Right thought Tadgh....if they won't get off then
I will just have to hop on with them!

Whooo Hoooo!
Tadgh tried every which way to hang on!
First Snoopy the Flying Ace's scarf got in the way, then Joe Cool complained that he coudn't see where he was going.

Until finally he got it! Legs crossed hanging on.

Then it was off outside to find a slope to race down.

Ready to's a tense moment at Lep HQ.

It was neck and neck as they careered down the and everything flying in the wind....faster than a speeding bullet..........would they be able to stop in time before they hit the garage........

Snoopy edges ahead, can Tadgh take the lead.......


Man down!!
Snoopy the Ace hits a log while crossing the grid.
Tadgh and Joe Cool sail on.
Tadgh waves to his fans!

The winner!
How smug he looks.


  1. ....ach... she's mad as a hatter.....

    WHERE have they landed, I wonder!

  2. That was some race! wow! Congratulations to the winners!

  3. Again I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe. I'm sure they're not
    trying to, but those Leps can keep me in stitches.

  4. Ha! That was a thrilling skateboard ride! Hurray for Tadgh! (Poor Joe Cool).

  5. That was so funny it seems like he is having a great time!!!

  6. I just love your photos. It was hilarious. I don't know about Tadgh, but I am a huge Snoopy fan.

  7. What a story! What pictures! The ones blurred with their high speed made me laugh out loud.


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