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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hot Chocolate for Christmas!

Interruption to my travels because I just HAVE to show you my latest thread!

I tried to get myself back to normal (whatever that is!) but shunting myself out into my dye studio.
My mind said whaaa!
whats that all about?

You remember...dyeing thread in gorgeous colors!
Yipee! said my mind...but how do we do could you have forgotten!

Ok mind lets start with something that you know......remember the Hot Chocolate series.....
ChocoRaspberry and ChocoLime
well there was another one that I tried out.....and loved...but didn't have time to complete.

I am now proud to present the results of a heck of a lot of work....taken me forever! at least a month to get it perfected.
 Inspired by yet another yummy bar of chocolate.
Do I need to describe ChocoMango to you or are you already drooling! (Hope so!)
The Chocolate sauce you already know and the Mango is a delicious ...well mangoey colour and the colours in between...well more about them later! 
So hard to show you the actual colours.

Of course I had to tat my favourite heart...
Hearts desire by Susan Fuller
The left one is in Coats 20 and the right one in Lizbeth 40 which i am trying tatted up beautifully.
 Here it is again tatted in Chocolate Sauce and Mango
Next to tat was of course...a Spinning Wheel glass mat...much beloved by Lace Loving Librarian and me...and many others.

I did actually send Lace Loving Librarian and Steph (from Steph's Tat Stuff)
these are tatting image that they sent me and they kept is all quiet for all these months and months..thanks lassies.
Aren't they super?
At this point..there is one thing that worries me.....a manufacturer of tatting threads is looking for ideas for colour combinations and I would hate to think that some bright spark might suggest the hard researched color combos worked out by me and by the other thread dyers. I hope that tatters are more honorable than that. nuff said.
The next question is...will I live long enough top use all this thread!!!!
Remember the derivatives of ChocoRaspberry and ChocoLime.......Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Ripple with Real Vanilla, and Antique Bronze.......well will show you tomorrow(hopefully) what Chocomango spawned...and it's gorgeous.


  1. Ohmigoodness! Your Chocolate Mango turned out to be the most scrump-dilly-icious HDT yet! Have never seen a chocolate mango bar, but now I must go looking for one. Maybe if I am lucky I may even get to nibble some while tatting with some of that GORGEOUS, mouth-watering thread.

  2. I might have to travel to Ireland to sample a chocolate mango bar, because we don't seem to have them over here. These threads are such lovely autumnal colors. Can't wait to see the "betweens"!

  3. Sensational! Yummy! Congrats - this is a winning combo.
    Fox : )

  4. Just in time for mango season over here! - is there a mango and white chocolate perhaps?? We have a unique mango and vanilla ice cream bar - a Weiss bar - here in QLD, it would be fun to tat something in mango colours during the summer.

  5. I'm so glad I don't have to keep quiet any longer! I LOVE this color combo!

  6. wonderful colors, can't wait to see what else pops up.

  7. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

  8. Another great HDT color combo.

    Never fear, Tatskool, I'm here to help you "use up all this thread". :-)

  9. A very nice combination of warm colors...

  10. I don't know if I'd worry about Handy Hands copying the color combinations of hand dyers-- the mass produced threads just can't match the nuances of the HDT. The color repeats in the mass produced threads have a mechanical look and "feel" to them. I love to use Lizbeth thread (because I can't afford enough HDTs to satisfy my addiction) but no copied HDT colorway will replace an artists hand dyed version!

  11. I'm so excited and looking forward to the thread collection arriving. It is always nice to have something to watch for in the mail…well, sometimes not 'nice' but curious to see if Silver's postal service will actually deliver what I know is coming! Sometimes we go to PO as ask for packages and they find more than one! Only 3 things have never arrived at all in six years (all shuttles, I hope who ever got them is using them or knows what they are).
    Daughter is coming to visit and I can't wait to show her the new HDthreads….We may even get in some tatting, she said she's bringing her tatting bag.
    xx bj

  12. oooh those chocos look so yummy! You do a great job creating them!

  13. Thanks a million, glad you like. I will show more tatting with these colours soon.


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