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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gingerbread Boy!

I first saw Gina Brummett's Gingerbread Boy in 2005
there was nothing in my thread stash that would do it I archived it in my 'to do' list...which get longer every day.
A good selection of browns was urgent if I wanted to tat all the animals on my list.
it had to wait.
I finally got my act together and dyed the ChocoMango series of thread that I showed you before Christmas.
First as I always do I tried the pattern out using one of my 'boring' threads, just to see how do-able he was and of course how much thread he took(essential for me).

Gina's pattern is good but written in a rather long winded style and without a good diagram.
I know that she is going to update it when she gets time....but she needs encouragement as this is a good design.
I enlarged the small image to fill a sheet of paper in the hope that it would help.....and it did.
Sometimes it was hard to figure out what joined to where and I did make mistakes! as you will see.
I would love to see it re written with a series of diagrams and then it would be easy peasy.

My second attempt was to have been my dream Gingerbread boy,in my dream Gingerbread thread, but he had a bit of an accident in the oven..well that's my story and he came out a little disfigured! poor little chap..he will find it hard to run away!
In truth I just didn't join his legs in the right place.
So on to number 3, 
this time I used a solid cinnamon HDT for the body with the Gingerbread thread for the body outline.

He is a little beauty, thanks Gina for a great design, I just love the white icing, he is good enough to eat. This time tho' I maybe brought the icing in too tight under his chin, what do you think.
Thanks Gina!


  1. Oh, I like them all (even the test-tatting)!!

    My favorite colorway is #3

  2. Well, you basically do the outline and the icing freehand, so everybody's will come out a bit different. Of course, you do have the best possible selection of threads to choose from.

  3. So beautiful! The threads really give him character.

  4. I also have cute Gingerbread Boy on my to-do list, as I find this to be a brilliant design by Gina! I have been too intimidated to tat him- but here you've done three! Yes, #3 is the best, but they're all very cute. I still can't imagine doing the 'icing', though!!! It's just so very clever!

    Also, thanks for confirming the need for the 2 shuttles for the flower bookmark, and for also mentioning that you used the matching turquoise thread for the Carribbean model! (I was going a little bonkers trying to figure it out but you confirmed what I had concluded!) I started tatting the bookmark, and discovered I need more practice using two shuttles, especially when they contain two different threads!

  5. yum yum, makes me want to both tat and bake gingerbread men.

  6. Very pretty. I'm tempted to tat him again. I just tatted mine in Lizbeth; yours look better in HDT. It is a very nice pattern, though a diagram would make it better.

  7. Oh thank you TatskooL! I know, I really need to rework him! make a diagram and all. sigh...think I might tweak him a bit too. i was so excited at the time that I probably jumped the gun a bit but I had 3 prototypes before I settled on him. Love your color choices too! I'll put him on the list.

  8. Good enough to eat!!!!

  9. it's a wonderful gingerbread boy, definitely ready to run (with so many of us wanting to take a bit!)! certainly looks very yummy with the icing...

  10. Actually I think he looks lovely in the practice thread! - although, of course more ginger-bready in cinnamon. I have never tried this pattern because it just looked too complicated,so it would be great to have it re-written one day, if Gina has time!

  11. I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to, and once again you've done beautiful work.

  12. Thanks everyone, I like the test one too, but he just wasn't the colour that I wanted.
    More coming about this design.

  13. Your test-tat color makes for a marvelously colorful Ginger-Man. Just imagine what that color would do for a tatted chocolate truffle! (*drool.drool*)

    Gina's pattern is still on my "Must Tat" list, alas, that list is woefully long. It will be awhile before I can make him. When Gina finishes her revised pattern & diagram I simply must bump him up to the top of the list.

    Thank you for another in a series of mouthwatering posts that I will be referring back to often. Good thing (for Ginger-Man) that it is impossible to take a bite through the Internet. Hee, hee. All of them look positively delicious!

  14. Thanks IsDihara, A Chocolate man would be nice too, lovely contrast with the white icing. My test tat must be a Cranberry man!


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