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Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Challenge

I finally have to give in and join the 25 motif challenge, to tat 25 motifs in a year.
Thought hard about what I should choose and decided to tat 25 animals. There is such a tempting array of them out there and many are working their way up to the top of my to-do list. Now they will get there quicker!

As I have a background in Zoology(long time ago!), I love animals. Married to a Marine Biologist whose hobby is Herpetology animals are a part of our life.

What am I looking for in a tatted animal??

Well, it needs to be anatomically correct, that is a spider should have 8 legs, an insect 6. Wings and legs should come from the thorax and so on. A bit of a tall order given by someone who can't design I know.

The design should capture the 'essence' of the animal in the same way that a cartoonist can capture a person in just a few brush strokes. The animal needs to shout..."Look at me I'm a ........!"

And lastly the animal must have a hint of fun and be 'cute'!!

Thank you all who design animals, for making tatting such a lot of fun, watch this space for number one.

I would like to explore the designs of different designers so may do more than one of each animal, so if you know of more versions of an animal I choose please let me know, tho' time might not allow me to tat them all. Life is just too short.

Maybe I will also post some photos we have taken.

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