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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Number 1. Snakes

I started tatting this snake in October in Chicago surrounded by reptile lovers, (so engrossed they never even noticed me tatting!!).

I can't say that I like snakes very much having had a few close encounters with spitting cobras spitting at our car headlights in when we lived Tanzania. Thankful to be inside the car and protected at the time. Glad the puff adder that I had to walk past frequently was in a glass tank. It gave me the shudders every time it puffed up as I passed. I wont go into other experiences of escaped snakes, suffice to say the my dearly beloved's mother always told him to choose a wife that wouldn't mind waking up in the morning to find a snake curled happily around the window opener!!!!(twas only a little harmless grass snake! but thank goodness St Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland!)

But if I had to choose one snake to like apart from the gentle boa constrictor our friend owned, I think it would be these very well cared for green tree boas that we saw at the reptile show.
I love the way they curl themselves around a branch with a little persuasion I am sure they could make a double stitch!! and so this is the snake that I decided to explore for my challenge. Snakes really do have such pretty markings.

The pattern is Dianna Stevens Snake Bookmark

First attempt in variegated Altin Basak thread, it was amazing how those stripes worked out so well.

Second one was in Flora 20 a bit too gaudy, better for a chamealeon or a parrot.

Beaded version in Altin Basak with beaded eyes, has a nice shiny snake look to it.

My finished piece and the one I think is most snake like, uses one of my favorite threads, a variegated Flora 20 (sadly discontinued) with opaque yellow lustre beads. I made the snake a teeny bit longer (not long enough) with gentle curves and finally got the eyes looking 'snakey'. thank you Dianna for a fun pattern.

And finally absolutely nothing to do with tatting,but give me a break.. I am learning bobbin lace and my first real project was guess what...a snake!

And here he is in all his glory, a great use for a rather strange Altin Basak thread.
the pattern is from Claire Burkhard, 'Lace for 10 pairs'.


  1. Have you ever tatted a rabbit?

    1. Only very simple rabbits, not a really life like one. thanks for your comment.


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