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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Number 7. Fleas!!

Well it had to happen!!
Just come back from a holiday in England and what do I find on my return but the Meerkat family hopping up and down and scratching themselves silly!!!

On close examination they have got fleas!
It was a devil of a job to catch them but I managed to pin down a couple for closer inspection.

Well it turns out that they are a new species of flea Pulex eboralli going by the common name of Freddie the Fantastic Flea. hmmm I'll give her fantastic!!

I do remember Jane and Sue went to Palmettos one year loaded with the little beggars and soon had spread them to all the tatters who were highly amused.

That's all very well, but when you are tatting a wildlife park the last thing you want is an internet infestation of fleas. Be warned all you animal tatters if you click on the above link these tiny little critters are worse than internet viruses.

Has anybody tatted anything that eats fleas??????? I have a few ideas but any help would be welcome.


  1. Hmmmmm, just hmmmmm. Comment? No comment!!!! Why oh why doesn't anybody like fleas? Poor misunderstood creatures. As for the name Pulex eboralli - again, no comment.
    Jane who's tickled pink!!!

  2. I AM flattered. First thing I've EVER had named after me!!!! I'm a flea, I'm a flea, I'm a flea!!!!!


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