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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Number 8. A buzz of Bumble Bees

Well all that hopping up and down by the Meerkats with the fleas attracted a buzz of Bumble Bees and pretty angry they looked.

But the Meerkats calmed down as soon as they spotted the bees, obviously had come across bees before!! and no harm came to them.

The pattern is Martha Ess's Itty Bitty Bumble Bee from her New Critters On The Block book.

The Bumble bees were tatted in Flora 10 and in 20 for the little one and the wings are made with Coates Ophir in light gold. the big one measures about 1.5 inches from the sting in his tail to tip of his antennae and the smaller one is 1 inch long.

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  1. So, the fleas have gone but the bees have arrived!! Now how are you going to tat a jar of honey?


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