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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taking a doily break!

I have been taking a break from tatting animals and have been tatting doilies. I haven't tatted a doily since the 80's when they were always done in white and had become boring!! and big!! I rarely do big!

But I had challenged my friends to make something bigger than they had ever made before, and I was going to be working all day for a month invigilating University exams so needed something to auto tat between exams.

I was so pleased to make a new young tatter during that time and to finish not one but three doilies.

The pattern is Emily from Janet Carroll's book 'Elegant Tatting Patterns'.
Tatted in Size 20 Coates Anchor and Flora threads the doilies measure about 8 inches.
First one was the trial one in white, I still love white doilies they have a crispness hard to get any other way.

I was not very happy with the outer round with josephine knots, need to pull the chain much tighter for it to lie well.

Second doily came out really well and was the favorite of many people I showed them to.

The third one is I think my favorite as it so different from anything I have done before, and I am happy with the tension.


  1. Those are great. LOVE the last one but also the white. VERY brave doing 3 the same!!!

  2. I'm a tiny tatter :-). I do love the colorful doily - great tatting and pretty design!

  3. Well done! The last one is like a mandala, really pretty...
    Al my tatting is riddled with mistakes, I can't believe you've done three without a single miscounted stitch...or should I be looking closer? ;)

  4. All three are very beautiful! I think I like the middle one best. The contrast is lovely.

  5. Awesome! I got a chance to stop by this afternoon, you did great and tatting a ton of doilies! My faves are the pure white ones just So elegant!


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