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Friday, September 14, 2007

Just one more heart

A beaded version of Martha's Flower Bouquet heart, see previous post for details about her new book Tats Amore.
This version looks like a Spring Bouquet with it's mainly lighter shades compared to my original one which is now a Summer Bouquet.....mmm methinks an Autumn Bouquet would be nice too. But not yet just have to get back to tatting my challenge animals, I am way behind.

Here are the two hearts to compare, I wonder which you like best.


  1. ooh...I especially like the beads in the blue floral. I like the brighter colors myself, but I tend to tat flowers in pastels too and I like them, but the brighter batch seems to be more cheery....the pastel more soothing..guess it depends on your mood! both are lovely!
    :-) Gina

  2. Thanks Gina, I loved the heart you did for Martha too, I have to do every one in the book, they are all so different.


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