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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Number 24. Tatting pests strike again!!

I've been SLUGGED!!
Yesterday when I went to get out some lettuce for my lunch what did I find??
It was crawling, yes crawling with slugs....yuk! Slime trails all over it and a big group of them munching away!! Click on the photo if you want to see all the little blighters!

Now you all know that slugs feed by rasping away with their mouthparts...on MY I can see why these slugs are green.....just like my lettuce!

Here they are in action!

Looked for something else to eat and found they were also trying to eat my come on slugs..... the skin is much too tough for you!! and in any case you are the wrong colour..that proves you dont eat mangos!

Put me right off my lunch I can tell you.

You know who is to blame don't you....yes Jane Eborall AGAIN! Her fleas escaped from Palmettos and drove my Meercats bananas and now she goes spreading slugs all over everyone at Palmettos again and the little blighters end up in Ireland again.

I know we are all going green but she should be stopped!

Time to have a closer look at a slug. Sid the scintilating slug she calls him. Scintillate he does with his aurora borealis beads and that dreadful slime he leaves behind everywhere he goes. He was tatted in Altin Basak 50 thread and his body is about 2cm long. I have to say it is a cracking little pattern (available on the Palmettos 2007 CD).

Gets me thinking as to what eats slugs........well frogs, toads, hedgehogs for a start.

Slugs you had better watch out!!!!


  1. Weeeellll, there is the Palmetto Red Eyed Tree Frog and I do have some hedgehogs - not got to a toad yet but there's always time!!!!!!
    PS how about a kangaroo next?!?!?!?

  2. Don't be silly Jane, kangaroos don't eat they??????

    Seriously tho' the next animal will complete my challenge..BUT this has been sooh much fun that methinks my next challenge is to see if I can get to 50!!!
    Red eyed tree frogs, hedgehogs, kangaroos you will have no place to hide!!

  3. Love your way of introducing us to your slugs and your sense of humour.

  4. Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it. I can't help being 'daft'!


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