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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A tiny bit of help!

Thank you for all the great comments about my bootees. It was interesting to see that many people like me find 3D projects daunting. It is hard to see where to start and how the finished item is put together.

I took a lot of photos of the progression of my work (mistakes and all)to help my tatting group so maybe you would like to see them too. Apologies to those who will find this unnecessary!

I can't show you the pattern diagram but you can find it on page 94 of Rebecca Jones's The Complete Book of Tatting.

Round 1 is very simple just rings and chains! and forms the sole of the shoe.

Round 2 is just a simple trefoil and chain edging that you have probably done lots of times before. It is joined on to the previous chain with right sides uppermost, this photo is taken with the underneath of the sole uppermost.

When you go round the end of the sole this round will begin to take on a 3D shape you can see it curving away from you in the photo,and you will end with a little boat shape.

Round 3
consists of a medallion which will form the top of the bootee. This is joined on to the boat shape.Ten of the chains are joined on to the bootee and five float free. Make sure that the free ones are the last ones to tat so that you don't tat yourself into a corner! (the pattern diagram lead me into making this mistake),making it hard to complete the round.

The chains are joined with the wrong side uppermost, join the first chain to the 5th chain down from the top of Round 2.

mmm one of my mistakes on this round..forgot to join the chain to the previous round..but this does show you how the round is progressing! bit of untatting to do there!

Another mistake that I hadn't noticed.... I have only joined 9 chains to the base instead of 10....I left this photo in as it does show the motif off very well, I love the way the little rings overlap and well nobody's perfect!!

Round 3 completed perfect this time!

Round 4 is the same as the second round, trefoils and chains, gives a lovely frilly edge to the top of the bootee.

The ring is joined right side to right side so this photos taken from underneath the bootee.

This shows how Round 4 joins on the the free part of the motif and continues round the top of the bootee.

It really did need stiffening as it tended to sag a little and even more when the ribbon was added.

This really is the most elegant bootee pattern that I have seen and well worth the effort. After making 5 of them it really is very easy!


  1. This is awesome, I have long looked at this pattern but couldn't figure out how things went together. I wasn't brave enough to figure it out as I went along. I will try this pattern shortly as there are a few new mom's that I would like to give it to.

  2. Send me a private email to tatskool at eircom .net and I will try to help more.

  3. This is a very well done tutorial. Great job!

  4. Thanks for the detailed description! Maybe I can tat this one too... grandbaby due in September!

  5. Congratulations Diane, exciting isn't it!

  6. Those were great pictures. You did such a good job I'm sure a beginner would feel confident to try the booties out after looking at your pics. Congrats on your forthcoming grandbaby, Diane.

  7. That's really very helpful, thanks!

  8. I like Lenore English's adaptation of this pattern but they look very much the same. Your tutorial is great!

    I usually put baby socks inside the booties and stuff them with a bit of tissue paper to get them to stand up nicely. This WOULD make a beautiful pincushion too!
    :-) Gina

  9. I just found Lenore's bootees and pattern. Thanks for telling me.

    I don't think she had any of this pattern in hers, it is very different, mainly because it doesn't have any decorative picots.

    I love this one 'cos it is so frilly.
    May try hers tho now I am in bootee mode!

    The baby sock idea I will try.

  10. This is so cute. You have given me a great idea! I have to do a christening cake for May and didn't know what to put on the top. Instead of icing something, a pair of these tatted bootees would be perfect and something that would keep for ever!

  11. What a lovely idea..they look like icing too.


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